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Get expert training to enhance, upgrade and upskill your professional knowledge, forge ahead in your working life GIVES by mastering in your own field and by taking up new challenges as you embark on the learning 

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GIVES introduces you to the ultimate profession building programmes from the comfort of your home to help you achieve entrepreneurial skills, confidence and will power for a secured and profitable growth in your career.

Medico Legal Consultant Course

Become a part of the prolific field of medico legal as an on- demand consultant. This course is everything you need to deal with the medico legal issues and provide a helping hand to the doctors.​

Food and Nutrition

Get your hands on the most intriguing diet course ever! Gain complete knowledge on the aspects of basic human nutrition. Learn ways to stay healthy and fit in the long run.

Medico Legal Trainer Course

It's time to get trained for what is next to come! Get to know how the practical world works by getting trained as a medico legal expert today!

Intellectual Property Rights Course

This course will enable you to be aware of the patents, trademarks and copyrights of any element. Are you creating something innovative? Know about intellectual property rights and deal swiftly with poachers! ​

Digital Marketing Course

Want to kickstart your career as a digital marketer? This course will help you brace your marketing skills over the digital media and get surefire results in your business.


Forge ahead with the latest technology and get trained in telemedicine with us. Grab the exclusive opportunity to upgrade your professional skills with the technical know-how today! Get effective in telemedicine with our master course!

We offer you a variety of comprehensive courses to help you upgrade and update your professional skills. Grab the golden chance to master the course now!

Experience trainer

Gain expertise from leading trainers and upskill your profession today. Under their mentorship, you will learn about deep insights and practical knowledge of the specific field.


Get certified with on- demand courses and enter the world of novel opportunities. A certification is all you need to remain authentic and trustworthy in your professional life.


Get practical exposure with full access to internships in your desired field. Switch to a completely lucrative career and transform your professional life for the better!

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