The true essence of spirituality: How to get closer to yourself, literally?

“Self control is strength, right thought is mastery, calmness is power.” – Buddha 

One will often find different meanings of spirituality, most of which are stored in ancient books or carved through experiences of people around us. But, what we fail to realize is there is a unique essence to this definition within each one of us. We need to look deeper inside ourselves and search for that lost piece which will eventually connect to all existing definitions and hence complete the puzzle of life and humanity.  Every being on this Earth is connected deeply to the 5 elements:earth, air, water, fire and aether. Only when a person is moving on a spiritual journey can he feel the deep connectedness to these elements and the bliss within. 

The spiritual path is often full of blockages and sufferings, only after clearing it can one reach enlightenment and complete inner bliss. This cannot happen overnight and nor should it be. To overcome the normal life cycle that our society maintains, it is important to know yourself on a deeper level, or to say on a higher level. A person who lives amidst the cultural conditioning done by society since his birth will continue to operate from the lower self. The lower self of a person cannot know what it is to live a life beyond what society asks for. Connecting fully with the higher self is the only way towards growing spiritually.

Often we tend to find the spiritual aspects of life that reside outside us, questioning the beliefs set by society without believing in our own self. We feed our minds with what society speaks and wants people to know by not revealing the truth. God or no God is not really a debate when it comes to spirituality. You will not find a spiritual being arguing with someone over this, because he is aware of the truth. These debates are only popular in society, that is the outer world. If one really wants to know the true essence of being spiritual, then hunting outside will not help. Look within and find the answers on your own. So how can one possibly do that? By connecting to one’s soul and following some basic spiritual practices. 

Few spiritual practices to connect better with oneself: 


Gratitude is the key:

Now, this list contains what you have known forever but never thought of putting into action or might have put still it didn’t work for you.  As basic as it sounds, showing gratitude in everyday life is the top most thing that can make you a better human. Being a spiritual being involves having gratitude for even the smallest things in life, starting from your morning tea, your good health to the bed that you rest in at night. A good day begins with a good heart full of gratitude and kindness. Express gratitude to others as well whenever you are treated well and even if not then simply let it go and pray for other person’s well being. 

Spread love and positivity:

The second minimalist approach to being more spiritual is opening your heart to the world. There is already a lot of pain and suffering everywhere so you would not want to increase the burden by ranting about your problems/ miseries to others. It’s okay to share your sorrow with loved ones from time to time but make sure to give love to them as well. When you spread positive vibes around more people would want to come in contact with you and share a fulfilling bond. It all starts with loving others the way you want yourself to be loved by them. Love is indeed a very powerful emotion, it can heal a person from an illness, be it physical or mental. 

Practice self awareness:

If you really want to become more spiritually inclined, then it is very important to become more and more self aware. Dwelling in the past or the future will only cause you more worries. Forget the past and live in the present moment. There is so much power in enjoying the moment in which you are in. if you are reading a book, focus on reading, if you are eating a doughnut, focus on eating and so on. When you are self-aware of your surroundings you become a sole witness to the word and sufferings come to an end, ultimately.

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