How dry fruits can be the ultimate immunity booster for the body?

Dry fruits are one of the most nutrition dense foods available across the world. They contain vitamins, minerals, nutrients and fibres. Doctors recommend consuming them regularly as they work readily on the human body and start providing its benefits. Dry fruits are a great source of good fats (which doesn’t have cholesterol) which are the essential fats required by our body. Dry fruits when eaten in the right quantity can help with the digestive system. They help us fall less sick by improving our immunity. People who are fighting certain illnesses can also eat certain dry fruits which will help them to fight the illness and improve the recovery process.

Dry fruits are made after drying out the fresh fruits. Thus, they become light to eat after the water is removed from it. That is the reason why they are still high calorie and energy rich foods. 

Dry fruits can be eaten by everyone. Children are advised to start eating some dry fruits like almonds and walnuts which help in improving memory and keep the brain healthy. It helps to concentrate and has proven to benefit in memory retention and recalling. Several other dry fruits help in keeping the heart healthy, reducing aging, keeping the skin young, improving the quality of hair, improving vision by keeping eyes healthy etc.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of common dry fruits which should be eaten regularly and are easily available.


Almonds have monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. It helps in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels in the body. It has potassium and magnesium which helps in keeping the blood pressure normal and keeping the heart healthy. Almonds eaten with meals help in blood sugar control. Almonds have high fibre and good fats that enable weight loss. Since, a handful of almonds can make you feel fuller it helps you stop binge eating or stress eating (in case of obese people) and maintain weight. Almonds are also good to eat to promote overall fitness of the body. Apart from this, they are rich in antioxidants and are great for hair, skin and teeth. 


The most widely available dry fruit. It is found in all Indian households. Raisins are made by drying grapes. Since grapes are naturally sweet, raisins tend to be sweet too. Due to this raisins are enjoyed as the favourite dry fruit by many. They are also added in sweet dishes in Indian culture to enhance their taste. 

Raisins help in digestion. They keep the bones strong as they have calcium and boron content. Raisins are strongly advisable to eat as it also helps in keeping joints healthy as many people have joint pain as they grow old. They improve the iron levels in the body which helps the body in making the RBCs (red blood cells) thus helping them carry more oxygen to the body. Raisins are rich in antioxidants which can prevent cancer, stroke and heart diseases. 


They contain Vitamin E and Vitamin B6. They are also rich in fiber, minerals and protein. They reduce the risk of blood related diseases as they contain copper. It reduces the risk of heart diseases. Cashews have an antioxidant which helps protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. Cashew oil is rich in zinc, magnesium, phosphorus which works great for maintaining healthy skin. They also contain essential dietary fibers. They can aid in weight loss and keep hair healthy. 


Pistachios are the salty dry fruits that help in reducing bad cholesterol and keeping the heart healthy. They are rich in fibers and minerals and keep the blood pressure/blood sugar in control. Pistachios are great for keeping the eyes healthy as it protects the eyes from getting damaged by blue light which is emitted by phones and laptops. They are high in protein which helps in keeping the muscles healthy. 


Walnuts are also known as brain foods. They have vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants to help with better functioning of the brain. Eating walnuts regularly can reduce the risk of several types of cancer like breast cancer and pancreatic cancer. Walnuts also have vitamin B that slows down the aging process and delays the wrinkles from happening soon. Thus it helps the skin to remain younger. It also helps in reducing hair fall by strengthening the hair. 

Bonus Tip

Dry fruits can be hard to eat if they are not made a priority. Most of us now know the benefits they have to offer but if they aren’t consumed regularly (and only occasionally) it won’t help us in the long term. Thus, eating different dry fruits while having breakfast can do wonders. Also, when hungry (and trying to find out what to eat and eventually choosing some junk) try switching to dry fruits as an empty stomach will be able to make the most of these nutrition dense foods.

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