Latest Healthcare trends in 2020

The Healthcare industry is evidently evolving with time and the transformation has been remarkable over the past few years. No doubt the technology is seemingly playing its efficient role in taking it one step further and bringing new changes in the medical field. There is a sudden shift in the purpose of using the technology, now it is more about improving patient care and overall patient experience. The challenges are many in front of the healthcare sector for the right implementation of the technology along with keeping in view the level of their investments. 

The year 2020 has always been a lot more challenging than anyone has experienced ever before. The worldwide pandemic has taught everyone a lesson but the great deal lies with the medical fraternity to stand with the nation and get through the process of recovery of patients. The current scenario has changed the priority of the medical sector to the ones suffering with Covid-19 are to be taken care of. Such challenges eventually make up the trends for the years to come where huge impact will be seen of the pandemic or big decisions will be taken keeping in mind the sufferings caused all over the world. It is a big step towards saving all the nations for a greater cause like a worldwide pandemic. 

Here is the not so long list of the latest and ongoing trends in the healthcare industry revealed: 

Introduction of Artificial Intelligence:

AI has entered even the healthcare industry for its greater benefit. The technology provides an aid to patients so that they can take better control of their own health and become more health conscious. There are various tools like chatbots to give quick help for any minor ailment or wearable devices like smart watches to track fitness activities throughout the day. Some devices are taken in use for developing algorithms which help oncologists with deep and detailed analysis on biopsy reads. Currently, there is only one AI algorithm in use by individual companies, the real change can occur if algorithms are able to interpret multiple data sources at the same time. 

Widening reach and scope through telehealth:

With time, more medical institutions, hospitals, clinicians and doctors are providing telehealth services to its patients. Evidently, there is a lot of benefit in telehealth coverage especially in medical care as it is going to change the face of patient experience totally. People are more open about their medical problems this way as the care is provided remotely. They can have an interaction with the physician being at a far off location, along with the prescription and in some cases delivery of medicines is at the doorstep. Such type of care is very important in the rural or underserved areas where the accessibility and availability of medical services is rarely there. 

Role of Virtual reality in patient care:

Virtual Reality or the gaming technology has now found its place in the healthcare industry as well. Institutions are implementing VR in order to serve the memory care patients to visit their home or enjoy their favorite delicacies through images or even view the beauty of serene nature. This can bring new topics for discussions or being more social in a hospital setting. For those patients who are undergoing treatment or going through hard times, vivid imaging provided via headset is also given as a sort of distraction from the pain caused to the patients. VR is like an aid for clinicians to visualize obstacles before conducting any complex surgeries, which depicts the real advancement in healthcare. It helps in assessing the case better thereby increasing the efficiency of the medical staff. VR serves its audience with a new outlook on illness. VR headsets that come with special software can help a person experience life with a major illness like Parkinson’s or any other. 

Fast Networking speed with 5G network:

Networking plays a significant role in enhancing communication channels and increasing the delivery of messages from one end to the other. With the forging ahead of the technology, the expectations from the network speed has risen. With the help of powerful networks like 5G, transmission of medical images, supporting telehealth initiatives and remote patient monitoring tools can be done in an effective manner. Such a network will enable faster downloads and easy communication through devices like phones, tables that are widely used in a healthcare setting. 

The trends in the healthcare industry are ever changing and for this year, the trends are mostly related to the utilization of technology. As the world is upgrading and increasing awareness about the latest technologies, the healthcare industry is not left behind. It is moving further and adapting to the changes well to fit in the tech environment. “The change is yet to come but it is certainly going to be a tremendous one.”

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