Life-transforming lessons to learn from practicing yoga

More often than ever, the beginners who practice Yoga look for benefits similar to those that we get from exercising like great flexibility, strength, a healthy body and so on. If yoga was restricted to only proving these simple benefits, then a large population wouldn’t be switching to Yoga in the first place. Therefore, we know that there’s something more to it. Only those who have practiced know what benefits to reap in the long run. Yoga impacts the living, much beyond what’s physical, it works on the mental and emotional aspects of the person as well. That is the true power of yoga.

Yoga is the ultimate teacher as it provides lifelong teaching to overcome life challenges, ranging from small to complex, one would come to know the true essence of life. Ancient India has followed quite a lot of spiritual practices, one of them being Yoga or Yog( in Hindi) and from there it has become widespread in the current times, all over the world. Following are the list of benefits that one can derive from practicing yoga, mindfully: 


Stop being judgemental:

When your yoga teacher asks you to be in downward dog position, but your hands are aching and asking you to let go, you almost be there for a while and woosh, you drop down. It is easy to get hard on your body by being there for more than what your capacity is. This feeling of extreme fatigue and exhaustion is what trains you for the best. So, don’t get harsh and start judging yourself for this. It’s just the beginning and therefore it is quite normal to find a pose difficult or challenging for your body. 

More focus and clarity:

Yoga focuses on the mental and emotional aspects of a human being. Yoga pays great attention to regular meditation and therefore it helps to calm one’s mind and body. This calming and soothing effect on the body helps a person to live a stress-free life. More often we tend to forget or witness the beauty of life within and around us but with daily yoga practice, we get clarity of mind and we focus more on the positive aspects rather than the negatives. We learn to guide our thoughts and actions towards positivity. Some other means of relaxation can be gardening, exercising, hot baths and so on.  

More Self-discipline:

The regular practice of yoga inculcates self-discipline as we are bound to follow yoga practices and a certain diet is important. The yogis or spiritual teachers lead their lives by following the yogic principles or practices, abstaining themselves from living a life that a normal person does. In yoga, certain keywords or phrases known as mantras are repeated to build concentration and disciplinary behavior. Once a person gets used to this practice, he can sort his life out by living with discipline and in an organized way, so to say. 

Increased interoceptibility:

In short, it means to be more self-aware and in the present moment. While practicing the general yoga poses, we tend to feel the inner sensations of the body and notice how it responds to different poses. This way, you become more aware of yourself  and would know how to deal with your thoughts and emotions well. That’s a good news for those dealing with mental issues and want to get rid of them. During yoga, we pay more attention to breathing, muscle engagement, soft tissues releasing and joint interacting that cultivates the ability to chalk out their movements and thereby experience their body truly. 

At last, Yoga brings harmony, provides relaxation and enhances focus in the body and mind. Everyone must consider including yoga in their everyday life to reap its profound benefits. It is a very powerful practice and you would not know the intensity of the changes that it will bring unless you try first hand. What are you waiting for? Start practicing today and get on a life-transformational journey. 

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