How to boost brain health with the power packed foods?

The brain is the central organ of your body which picks up signals through the nervous system and performs everyday tasks. The power of a brain is unthinkable and it lets us do the impossible if controlled in the right way. It brings us to the point that even brain health is important and should be considered a priority. To achieve different parameters in life like success, health, happiness, keeping the brain healthy is definitely the key.  Once you pick on the right diet, your brain will start functioning 10x better making you feel zen and enthusiastic. 

Furthermore, the foods that we consume play a crucial role in regulating our brain health. It is very essential to keep a tap on our diet from time to time by ascertaining what’s working for our body and cutting down all the unnecessary products right away. You can create the right diet plan for either specific mental tasks such as concentration, memory or for the development of overall brain structure. A healthy brain can help keep your brain sharp and live a healthy life. The Earth is here to serve your brain right instead of hunting for any fancy foods.

Brainy blueberry:

Anyone would crave blueberries if they are kept on the dining table or in the refrigerator. They are super delicious and serve your taste buds well. Along with this, it is surprisingly good to boost your brain health as it helps improve or delay short term memory loss. There are antioxidant compounds found in blueberries which reduces inflammation and stress in the brain and throughout the whole body. Further, it looks after your brain and improves communication between brain cells. 

It helps in boosting the power of learning and memory by enhancing the plasticity of brain cells by making them form new connections. 

Salmon for brain functioning:

One of the best brain foods is fatty fish like salmon is. Essential fatty acids are to be obtained through right foods as they are not made up in the body itself. Omega-3 fats have their natural occurrence in oily fish in forms of EPA and DHA. It is therefore recommended to consume a diet containing higher levels of omega-3 fats. Such a diet will enhance the memory power and manage the stress levels in the human body. Moreover, the best is that it produces a good mood brain chemical known as serotonin which makes a person go on cloud nine.further, it lowers the risk of dementia, Alzeheimer’s disease and lower downs mental decline in a person. 

Dark Chocolate to boost up mood:

Here is the best recommendation for all chocolate lovers who would jump with joy knowing dark chocolate is actually good for the brain. Dark chocolate contains strong antioxidants called flavonoids which is responsible for lessening inflammation and increasing flow of blood to the brain. Miraculously, dark chocolate combats fatigue in the body and reduces the ill effects of aging to much extent. Moreover, it naturally boosts mood, focus and alertness in the body. Also it provides essential dosage of magnesium, zinc, fiber and caffeine like stimulates which instantly makes the brain active. 

Coffee for good memory:

Well, if your morning starts with a coffee cup in hand and newspaper in another, it’s going to activate your brain for the good. This coffee is special as it improves the memory power and lowers risk of dementia, not just serving your taste buds. According to a study, caffeine is responsible for increasing the ability of the brain to process information at a faster pace as it is directly associated with increase in brain entropy or any other complex brain activity. 

Coffee is a big supporter of brain health even in old age as it is a good source of antioxidants. If a person consumes coffee for a lifelong time then it may reduce the risk of cognitive decline, stroke, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. If you don’t like coffee as much as you like green tea or other types of teas, still there’s no need to worry. Eve tea contains brain health boosting properties so sip your favourite tea with joy.

Lastly, along with the right brain diet, keeping yourself physically active should not be overlooked. According to a research, exercising regularly improves cognitive functioning, slows down mental aging and increases the ability of processing information. Moreover, maintaining a balanced diet, taking enough sleep, staying hydrated, practicing mindfulness activities and taking brain power supplements contributes largely to brain health. 

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