When we talk about healthcare in India, people mostly imagine taking an appointment, visiting a hospital, seeing the doctor and taking the medicines from the medical shop (which is usually not empty). Sometimes if a person has a serious illness then he/she needs to get admitted into the hospital for a couple of days or even a week depending upon the illness and recovery speed. But not everybody wishes to get the medical treatment the same way. Not everybody prefers the smell of medicines and salines and staying in the silent environment of the hospital bed which can make some people even more sick. 

There’s an alternative. Some people prefer the comfort of their home to rest and recover from a minor or even major illness. This is where home healthcare services come into the picture. 

What is home healthcare ?

Home healthcare is receiving the same medical treatment as a hospital in the comfort of home. This includes having a medical professional (nurse) look after a patient with frequent visits from the doctor. Home healthcare services are generally for the elderly people who need the regular checkups and services at their home. There is also constant monitoring from the family members at the home and any urgent need of the patient can be fulfilled at the home quickly and effectively than the hospital. Home healthcare makes it easier for the family members to take care of the patient 24*7 rather than to visit the hospital especially if the family members have a tight schedule. 

Home healthcare services includes both skilled medical and non-skilled medical services at the doorstep. Skilled medical services are doctor visits, nursing care, physical therapy while non-skilled medical services are personal care activities. There are special nurses who work full-time to provide healthcare services at a patient’s home. They are trained for the purpose of taking extra care, communicating the assessment and findings and paying attention to details of the requirements of the patients. They thus act as a bridge between the patient and the doctor in the treatment process. 

Type of home healthcare services

Doctor care – a doctor regularly visits the patient at home to conduct checkup and prescribe medicines. 

Nursing care – a patient is provided with a special nurse to take care of their needs on the instruction of the doctor. 

Basic assistance care – when a patient is at home and no one is there to look after the home, then a basic assistance care person can do other tasks of home making such as preparing food, doing dishes, laundry etc.

Nutritional support – some patients with serious illnesses need guidance with diet and meals. In this case, a dietitian can come at home and assess the changing dietary requirements according to the health and give a proper diet plan.

Companionship – some patients who are alone at home require a companion for emotional and moral support to recover faster. A companion can thus help with social needs of the patient. 


  • Helps in cost reduction if the patient has to undergo medical treatment for a longer period of time.
  • The patient is comfortable and has more privacy and safety at home.
  • Family and friends can visit without restrictions.
  • Allows for more independence and less pressure due to a mild environment compared to the serious environment in the hospital.
  • A patient doesn’t have to travel for checkups/diagnosys. 
  • The needs of the patient are more readily met at the home.


Hospitals offering home healthcare

While the home healthcare sector began in the west, India has also started adopting measures and providing home healthcare services as needs have changed over the years. The major cities in India have more home healthcare facilities than smaller cities. Below are some of the best home healthcare services providing institutions. 

 Bharath home medicare – (BHMC) has been incorporated to provide world class holistic home health care services to all age groups at the door steps with affordable cost follow treatment plan. It is based in Chennai, Puducherry and Bangalore.

Care24 – It is a home healthcare services provider in Mumbai and Delhi with highly reliable elderly care, nursing, physiotherapy and other condition specific care.

Medicare – it is a Mumbai based healthcare facility to cater all the needs of the patients at home without hassle.

Suburban Diagnostics – Suburban diagnostics is a famous name in the healthcare sector. They offer home healthcare services in many cities in India. 

 Critical Care Unified – It is Delhi based home healthcare services startup incubated in 2016.

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