Absolutely Guilt-free snacking for snackaholics

Is snacking all about munching on high calorie chips while sitting on your bed and not caring about its nutrients, only because it is a “SNACK”. It’s time to get out of the age old algorithms of snacking and learn the modern definition which is entirely health conscious. There was a time when having snacks would be a big guilt trip activity for those who wanted to lose weight without cutting on their favourite snack food. But, this generation knows no bounds when it comes to making healthy food taste like heaven, worth savoring!

For snackaholics, the key to healthy eating is being aware of their food choices and consuming moderately, along with that. It is a good thing to incorporate snacks in between regular meals for maintaining the energy levels in the body. Not only does it keep you physically fit but also mentally active, thereby reducing stress and sickening feelings from the body. You can avoid overeating at meals by consuming healthy snacks without breaking the flow of eating during the day. It acts like an extra nutritional to your everyday meals because eating healthy can never get boring, you have fruits, nuts, cheese and so on.

Let’s take you through the ways in which you can take use of mindful snacking and become a fitness freak: 


Planning ahead of the day:

Waiting for the same day to decide on which snacks you will munch is certainly a bad idea. Not only will you start consuming the same old unhealthy snacks ready with you but also leave the idea of guilt free snacking behind. While going for grocery shopping, add a few healthy items which you can include in your evening snack. Whenever hunger bothers, take use of the items that you have purchased and there you go for a perfectly healthy and delicious snack experience. Unsalted nuts, unsweetened dried fruits, roasted chickpeas are some of the examples of healthy snacks which you can keep in your handbag or drawer for eating anytime of the day. 

Watch before you pick:

It is very important to be fully aware of your eating, even if you are somewhere outside, don’t just act like a blind person and eat whatever arrives on the plate. Snacking is a type of mini meal for you so pick one that’s nutritious and not just meant for your taste buds. Follow the basic rules of eating, choose only whole foods in your snack list like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and so on. Try a combination of foods, rich in both carbohydrates and proteins for a healthier option. For example, you can take a banana along with some honey spilled over it. Just keep in mind that keeping the snack healthy is your priority and not adding any nutrition less food. 

Maintain hydration:

What happens is that even dehydration can feel like hunger to you. When we don’t drink enough water, the brain gets tricked as it receives mixed signals, making us feel a lot more hungry than thirsty. Grab that water bottle and drink before snacking, it might work for you sometimes. Also, you can take up some healthy liquids like homemade soups, smoothies, iced tea, fruit juice and so on. But, this doesn’t mean soda and energy drinks are healthy too, avoid them as much as you can. Regular intake of sweetened drinks can be harmful for the body, resulting in heart disease or type 2 diabetes, as they only contain lots of calories. 

Eat to ease your hunger:

Munching all day long is certainly not a good idea instead keep a fixed time for snacking. Only eat when you feel that it’s actual hunger and not for your taste buds. You might eat some snacks out of boredom but that is only going to make you feel more stressed and sluggish. Keep a check over your literal hunger, avoid snacking otherwise. If you keep a snacking schedule, it will not only make your snacking easier but also meaningful. You will eat as per your hunger, not merely because of boredom. 

Lastly, guilt free snacking is a beneficial part of a person’s diet. One can consider almonds, nuts roasted lentils, chickpeas, eggs, fish and other foods for a healthy snack option. Consuming only meals gets boring enough during the day, that’s where we come to know about the importance of snacking. It keeps you healthy, active and strong for the day and to relish every food that you eat. Health conscious snacking is the new trend that one must follow in order to stay fit and maintain your health. 

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