Measures for Health care reforms during Covid-19

After the pandemic settles, everyone is hoping for a stronger healthcare system, especially by the impact it had due to the novel coronavirus. One thing that will be surely incorporated into the Indian health system is well-maintained cleanliness and hygiene, which was absent mostly in government institutions. It is the time when the country is facing the world’s most challenging crisis and the communities, institutions are constantly battling with it. A well-built strategy for the health system is the need of the hour. Because a strategic management base can work wonders in dealing with the virus until the vaccine is prepared by the medical teams and professionals. 

To tackle the current scenario, it is important to look within the system and know how much we are prepared for the crisis? We must ensure that there is a sufficient supply of essential inputs, including testing kits, personal protection equipment, drugs, and proper health infrastructure. Moreover, the hospitals should have the required treatment facility, checkup facility as well as a quarantine facility for the patients. The hotspot area or the risk-prone areas must be checked upon more and more to ensure that there is no further spread of the virus. The previous pending plans can act as a solution to the current situation in the healthcare system. It is not required to look for new-age solutions for the novel coronavirus. 

The measures that are to be taken in order to reform the healthcare system during COVID-19 are: 


Quick implementation of reforms:

The current scenario is a great opportunity to bring powerful reforms in the healthcare sector that will change its whole picture. There have been many reforms that were previously researched and developed by the expert teams which need to be implemented. It is the right time to make use of those reforms and bring change in the current system. A considerate reform states the implementation of The Allied and Healthcare Professions Bill, 2018 which will lead to the standardization of Allied Healthcare Professionals’ education and practice.further, as we go on with the reforms, it is essential to form a quick-decision making policy in order to avoid any delay in the operations of the hospitals or institutions. A recent reform, “guidelines to telemedicine” is underway and it will most probably change the face of healthcare. 

Working on data systems:

There needs to be a data system that can track the symptoms of the virus-infected people and store the collected information. We might experience any such crisis in the future as well, so it is important to prepare for such a cause beforehand. The data collection process should be reformed and not only that, the decision based on such data has to be taken timely and effectively. In order to deal with the virus, it is important to point out the loopholes and start working towards them. A culture of the data-driven policy must be maintained for surefire results in the healthcare sector. 

Support digital India:

Proper training needs to be provided to healthcare workers to help them understand the working of digital tools and technology. They can further give assistance to the doctors in tracing, tracking, and referring patients who are highly affected with COVID-19. The startups that are skilled in developing digital systems must help the government in its requirements for serving the healthcare industry.  The digitization in healthcare is the need of the hour due to the pandemic situation. In the process, data protection and security are to be kept as a priority. 

Involvement with communities/ organizations:

Amidst the pandemic, a lot of misinformation has been spread and that can be a misleading factor for many. Wrong information regarding the test, medicine, precautions, the spread has impacted society and pushed it in the wrong direction. Therefore, it is the duty of medical teams as well as the government to circulate only that information that is accurate and relevant at the same time. Not only this, engaging with the community and having conversations regarding the pandemic is also really important. This way one can keep a check on the grievances or complaints if any of the people of society. 

Maintaining a checklist of the reforms and having them implemented in a proper way is the right step to be taken towards bringing a change. Therefore, the government should think of new and effective ways to improve the healthcare system by its fair policies that will be fruitful in the long run. In such opportune times, it is necessary to make the most of the pandemic situation and work towards a strong and hygienic health system. It will not only improve the healthcare conditions but also become big support for the medical professionals. 

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