6 types of Advertising-all you need to know

  • Display Ads: It mainly comprises digital and newspaper advertising. However, the digital ads are somewhat an updated version of newspaper advertising, the same old concept but in the novel 21st century. It implies purchasing ad space on the sites which are relevant to the target audience. In it, you have the flexibility to create any text ads that may appear like traditional print media ads, the visibility of a floating banner right above the site’s contact and any kind of wallpaper with the product or service on the site background. 
  • Social media ads: Just like pinterest, instagram, facebook and every other social media site offer advertising in cheap form. Paid social media ads are the type of ads that chiefly aim at reaching a target audience in relation to how much is paid and adjusted to how many people see it or interact with it directly. On the other hand, there are organic social media ads that are the type of advertising which is able to generate lots of word of mouth. For example, you post something on your Facebook business page about your product only if the followers click like and tag a friend. Therefore, this kind of advertising is free and it allows the people to be aware of your offer.
  • Newspaper and magazines: As we all are aware, this type of advertising is the most traditional type and still quite effective. When you have to combine such advertising between local, statewide and national print media then it proves to be a fantastic marketing strategy. Even in the digital age, people have not lost full touch of newspaper reading, it is a part of their daily ritual. Moreover, the print media has found a new way of being digitally present and therefore it takes up use of offline as well as online advertising.


  • Outdoor advertising: Although advertising has fully gone digital, do you remember watching billboards all through the way while returning from school or work? It is a great way to pass time and for marketers to gain prospects. Then comes the transit ads which are totally different kinds of advertising and classified under the outdoor advertising- for example you can feature your product or service on buses, taxis, bike messenger services and pedicabs.


  • Radio and podcasts: There is a form of promotion that is verbal and it is a type of advertisement which can be repetitive as often in the part of any radio show or a podcast online. There can be a traditional type of ad recorded to be played or it can also provide the chance of scholarship. Therefore, you need to narrow down the different types of podcast that your audience might be interested in listening to or would subscribe to for the creation of the kind of advertising that they like and remember.


  • Direct mail and personal sales: Direct mail is often referred to as the art of sending forward a very intriguing sales letter, the one that compels to your target group by mail directly. It may offer you a good return on investment for small businesses. The beginning point is identification of the target audience and then sending an enticing offer out of those prospects. Later on what you have to do is measure their response and see which type of customers are responding to which format to be able to use precision targeting for the upcoming shots. 

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