Psychology reveals engrossing ways to stay motivated and focused!

Let us discuss a few engaging strategies straight out of psychology which will help you in staying motivated and focused in life. Motivation is what keeps us going and without it the tree of life becomes waterless and less nourished. The techniques mentioned below are not just random but derived from psychology and behavioural science. A very important aspect of our lives is attaining success in what we have always wanted for ourselves. Can such a task be undertaken without motivation? Can we achieve what we desire only by sitting idle and pondering over good thoughts again and again? 


Making conscious choices:

It is a profound technique named after Ulysses, the hero of the Trojan War, called the Ulysses Pact.It says that accountability is proportional to responsibility. One has to be accountable in order to stick with a goal even when it gets difficult. The key feature of this pact is making a strong choice in the present and then performing the action in the future. For example, if you want to stick to a plan of cycling with your friend every morning, then you can write a check to your friend and ask him/ her to cash it in case you miss cycling with them. It will help you in sticking to your goals and maintain high motivation even during the toughest times. 


It is an amazing technique taken from cognitive psychology which helps in improving memory performance of a person. For most people, it is pretty complicated to learn a long line of random numbers, like 4502059020. Therefore, what you can do is break it into chunks and then try and memorise. Similarly, this technique is very effective and can be applied in almost any endeavour. For example, you are asked to write an e- book of about 5000 pages and so whenever you think of beginning the task, you procrastinate it thinking it’s too much of a commitment. Instead of doing the task, you focus on an unimportant household chore and later you feel burdened with guilt. So, what you can do to avoid such a situation is to divide your tasks into smaller parts and then complete them one by one. 


There is something wondrous about the idea of visualization and how it produces magical results. If your visualization skills are strong then chances are you will highly likely achieve your important goals in life. What we think and believe in is what we get in most cases. Keep your mental representation of the goal more fixed and concrete, that will in turn keep you motivated throughout the day in achieving the most important goals in life. The more detailed our image of the outcome is, the more motivational pull we will get to attain it in specified time. We need to invest little time in visualizing our goals as per the ranking, from high to low or low to high. Commit to a small journaling habit and write in your goals in it, then practice viewing them just as you would like them to be.

Positive self talk:

At the end it all comes down to have a mental attitude and to bring it in your daily self- talk. Never speak ill of yourself or your goals and practice this whenever a new goal comes up. Speak to yourself in a way that you are your own motivator, and bring that positivity in your actions too. The harsh and judgemental self- talk will do no good to you, instead it will make you a victim personality in your own eyes. Focusing on getting better each time with the consistent positive self talk and engaging in activities that will make you more self-aware like meditation, yoga and so on. Once you spend time with yourself, you would know how important it is to be at peace with yourself. Get set, go and achieve your goals one by one.

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