AI chatbots and their transformation in healthcare

Today’s generation is becoming more and more reliable on chatbots for day to day activities, in a way or the other. There was a time when Apple launched the first ever virtual assistant named Siri, people were enthralled to command and get things done through smartphones. In present, you will find that such assistants have found a special place in every industry and in leveraging their tasks for the good. Organisations rely on chatbots for various functions like driving sales, getting more leads and generating profit. Due to the rapid advancements in machine learning, the use of chatbots has evolved over time. 

Chatobts provide real time healthcare assistance in the healthcare sector. As per one study, it was found that 89% of patients google their symptoms before having an appointment scheduled. This is because people are more curious to know what’s happening with them in terms of health before actually getting treatment. Therefore, some tech startups realize this issue and try and solve it using AI-powered messaging. Moreover, in some instances the patient doesn’t really want to visit the doctor as he is aware of the diagnosis beforehand. In such cases , an AI-driven healthcare companion may help you in diagnosing yourself through chatting and assessing your health. There lies the future of chatbots, some companies are already ahead in this competition.

List of chatbots in healthcare industry: 

Babylon health robo doctor:

A chatbot designed by Babylon provides medical advice with the aid of a mobile app before coming in for an appointment.  Initially, this Ai service was released in 2014, although it wasn’t highly accurate. The company has claimed in the year 2018 that the company has gained higher accuracy in identification of medical issues than most human experts by a percentage of 9. The robo doctor talks and does the evaluation and It’s important to transfer to a video conference with any one of Babylon’s full time physicians. After having a meeting with the doctor, it is easy to send a prescription to any nearest pharmacy right through the app. 

Ada health companion:

Back in the year 2017, Ada health has received a funding of $47 million for the health companion apps. This health app is focused on personalizing user experience, most likely similar to Babylon Application. The chatbot usually contains general health information and past conversations on the cloud due to which the technology can learn about every patient individually. This app is applicable to deliver prescriptions to the patients or directly to their pharmacy. 

Buoy health data:

What this application does is that it combines the power of a database of about 18,000 clinical encounters by having conversations in order to help patients diagnose themselves. The buoy health data owners are planning to partner with healthcare payers and insurance providers. After the partnership, they will most probably whitelabel their app and aid in guiding patients through the right avenue, based on personal interactions. In giving a reliable channel for patients in their self-diagnosis provides a chance to witness commendable healthcare. The major companies that rule healthcare have common goals to achieve:

Increased convenience in healthcare sector 

Decrease time taken to book an appointment

Decreased no. of patients visiting doctor’s office 



Safedrugbot is a unique sort of chatbot yet it carries the same function of helping physicians worldwide. At first, the safedrugbot had determined safe drugs for women while breastfeeding. Currently, three different commands can be passed on to Safedrugbot chatbot, information on drugs, active ingredients and alternative drugs. Information on drugs contains information related to active ingredients and alternative medicines while citing the data source. Second one gives active ingredients, identifies identical medicines, understands drug compatibility with breastfeeding. Lastly, alternative drugs help in finding suitable drug alternatives to a specific medicine. 

The AI chatbots are playing a chief role in healthcare which will bring exponential growth in the coming years. The modern technology has given rise to co -dependency of other sectors. Now, even making a slight change is possible with the help of enhancing the technicalities.

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