Evolution of grocery shopping: Top grocery trends in the year 2020

Does online grocery shopping excites you? Do you feel more comfortable and convenient while shopping online? This is because there is a great level of evolution in grocery shopping and grocers are inclined towards providing the best experience to its customers. In current times, the competition in the grocery industry has risen, also Amazon has acquired Whole foods almost three years ago. 

Trend spotting in any industry is more of a sport than science. You literally need great patience, endurance and the ability to foresee trends and predictions in any industry concerned.

Regeneration of agriculture:

The whole food analysts have noted that, “ Farmers, producers, academics, government agencies, retailers and more are paying close attention to how land and animal management practices can be utilized for the betterment of soil health and sequester carbon. In simple terms, regenerative agriculture involves farming and grazing practices meant to restore degraded soil, improve biodiversity and increase carbon capture for creating long-lasting environmental benefits, like impacting climate change in a positive manner. It is certainly one of the key trends in grocery shopping. 

Eco-friendly packaging:

The need of the hour is to sustain the environment and balance the ecosystem, to bring peace and harmony in nature. In olden times, if sustainability would be an issue, we as consumers would have to do the task on our own, of using jute bags, avoid plastic packaging and investing in sustainable food storage solutions. But, as we know that it’s the 20th century and the big work is in the hands of the major food companies to ensure that food consumed is sustainable or not. Their job is to create packaging that’s way more eco-friendly and supports the environment. 

Recreating the menu:

In this era, many parents are introducing their kids to more adventurous foods and therefore there is a need to recreate the menu for kids. Food brands are focusing their attention on kids, specifically and forming such foods that serve not just as nostalgic products delivered right from old 80’s, but with new transitions in them. They are bringing more sophisticated younger palates into their careful consideration like non-breaded salmon fish sticks, fermented and spiced, shapeful color pastas that are made from alternative flavors. 

Grocery and delivery:

In olden times, there were only less of a grocery store services online, which were mere options for people who could’t visit city stores or had money to spare in online shopping. But with the help of digitization and growing online connectivity, everything has arrived on the internet. Now, the competition has risen manifolds amongst various online grocery stores. The choice is up to the consumers to pick up which feels right. The e- commerce models have improved in an effort to face the existing competition in the field of online grocery shopping. Shoppers have more faith and trust in online shopping for grocery items that they keep offline shopping at hold, or for emergent conditions. Who wants to compromise on comfort and convenience in the 20th century? 

Plant-based foods:

When it comes to health, plant-based foods are truly magical and full of nutritional benefits. Along with plant-based, CBD enhanced foods are derived from hemp plant, cousin of marijuana plant. CBD stands for cannabidiol which is an active ingredient of cannabis. Every food item is taking up makeover to become plant-based, and it’s not just a trend. Look out for ongoing innovations like plant-based eggs, shellfish, yogurt and so on. 

As per new report from the Food marketing institute, almost 71% of the food retailers view health and wellness as a profound growth opportunity for business. Therefore, plant-based products are preferred which provide consumers with specific lifestyle and dietary needs.

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