AI Chatbots in the education industry: How are they beneficial?

What are AI chatbots? 

There is no doubt in the fact that today many businesses are opting for chatbots for revenue generation and increment in sales of their products. Chatbots are everywhere, in every sector being deployed for several reasons. Chatbots are increasing relevancy, visibility and quick accessibility while producing advanced outcomes. The recent trends show the utilization of chatbots to educate students through digital programs. Chatbot makers utilize artificial intelligence and latest conversational design for the creation of bots that can have communication with students on all subjects like elementary, secondary, high school, even upto university levels.

Benefits of chatbots in education industry: 


Great Medium of learning:

The automated intelligent tutoring system which provides a dedicated learning platform for studying and analyzing student’s response along with their interaction with the AI curated content. Similarly, the AI powered chatbots help in teaching students through a series of messages, mostly like regular conversation that is derived out of lectures. What a chatbot does is it repeats the cycle of the assessment of every student’s level of understanding and based on that, it provides them with the following lecture part.  For example, Botsify is a chatbot dedicated solely for education. It gives description of specified topics to students through standard text message or multimedia such as images, vidoes, audios and document files. 

Increases engagement of students:

In this new era, students are familiar with the technology which wasn’t the case in olden times. This makes them even more interested in exploring the new technology and being engaged with it. Features like instant messaging, virtual assistants and social media have gained popularity among students for some reason or another. They get to exchange messages and also study material, help each other in completion of assignments and carry out their research through these platforms.  

Provides with feedback:

A very essential component of learning is gaining feedback, be it for students or for teachers. For students, it allows them to properly identify the areas where they are lacking or struggling and need to put in more effort. On the other hand, the teacher gets to figure out the area where they can improve their teaching skills for better performance. The students may submit the feedback in online or printed forms while the teacher is asked to provide quick feedback on the assessment itself. Conversational forms by Botsify are used to survey students on how their course has improved, how they find the previous lecture or overall quality of the learning experience. 

Acts as a teaching assistant:

Oftentimes, students are found searching for queries like ‘ help me do my assignment’ or similar searches to find someone who can help them in the completion of their assignments or gain a detailed explanation for what they are looking for.  Even the teachers are in need of a system which could help them in the simplification of everyday tasks to lessen their burden of carrying out repetitive tasks and focusing on providing quality education to respective students. In the digital space, AI Chatbots are like virtual assistants which helps in reduction of tasks aligned for teaching faculty on a daily basis. 

Instant help for students:

The thing with this generation is that it wants instant results whether it is ordering a pizza, getting a picture clicked or reaching the destination, it needs everything on just tap of a button. Therefore, the education industry needs to enable a communication platform where students can effectively communicate with the teachers. The chatbot can help in answering queries at schools, colleges where a huge no. of queries come up each day and it gets difficult to answer each call manually.

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