Unconventional qualities that makes a good leader

Some people are born leaders while others attain this attribute in life quite gradually for reaching the top. Whatever it may be, the qualities that these great leaders of all times possess remain the same, literally. You might be wondering, so is there only one fixed formula of becoming boldly fantastic a leader in any field of work?  Not in the literal sense. But this overview of the qualities and characteristics that the leaders share will tell the main part of the story, showing us the big picture. You can then inculcate those qualities in you and kickstart your own journey as a leader, finding your own path, discovering your unique way of dealing with failures, hardships and even successes. (Remember not to get too overwhelmed by the success.) 

In a single line, the most essential qualities that make up a good leader are integrity, accountability, resilience, humility, optimism, empathy, influence and vision. We will be discussing a few of them in detail, so let’s get started.


  • Integrity in actions:

“Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching.” This quote by C.S. Lewis clearly defines what integrity means. It’s evident enough that if you as a leader do not abide by the morals and values you have set for yourself, why would anyone else do? Real success is possible only when you apply your teachings on yourself first and then expect your followers to follow through. Some traits of a person full of integrity are being apologetic towards others, appreciating others’ time and highlighting other’s work. Integrity is indeed the cornerstone of all other leadership qualities, without which it is hard to be on the right leadership track. 

  • Being accountable:

Along with responsibility comes accountability, therefore a leader must necessarily be accountable for his/her own actions. “Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result.” As quoted by Bob Proctor, he is clearly trying to convey that being accountable for something also shows your commitment towards it. A good leader has the quality of being accountable for its team’s results, either good or bad, doesn’t matter. They even hold their employees accountable for their actions which inculcate a sense of responsibility within the team, unting the team’s efforts. 

  • Born Empaths:

Empathy is understanding other’s thoughts and emotions behind them. It is a skill that makes a leader stand out from others who fail to step up the ladder of success. A true leader is open minded, understands their followers’s hopes, aspirations, dreams and so on. He is open to learning from others and valuing others point of views as much as his own. The mindset of an empath helps a leader to predict better, take precise decisions, instill loyalty, increase creativity and form negotiation tactics for the organization. The quality of understanding others leads to better human communication. It might be that someone in the team is dealing with personal issues. Health problems or car troubles. 

  • Influence:

It is a belief of some leaders that after reaching a certain level of leadership status, they will be automatically valued and respected, which is not the real case. To be a good leader, one has to become an influential person in some way or the other. To increase their influence as a leader, they can practice some things like clearing their needs ahead, connect with people on an emotional level, become vulnerable and charismatic, ask for suggestions or help, be self-aware, be professional on social media. If you can influence others for the good, then only a significant change is possible.

The first step to attaining what you want in life is to believe in yourself. All the great leaders of this century like Steve Jobs, Sundar Pichai, Mukesh Ambani have had the belief that they will achieve all the greatness in the world which led them to actually having it by their side. Keep a positive attitude all the way up by taking positive actions towards achieving your goals and ambitions. This is the true way to success, without any shortcut. The path is long so as to yield the best results in the long run. Till then, enjoy your journey and keep spreading smiles all through the while.

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