Mobile technology trends: Top trends in the mobile industry for 2020

Hang on! Are you reading this article on a mobile phone? Next, are you aware of the trends in the mobile technology that you are currently using? If not, then grab a glass of orange and get ready to stay on the hook for longer. The mobile technology nowadays is seemingly making people crazy with its new developments year by year. In the hope that there is still more to come and experience inside our mobile phones, we await to know the trends for the year 2020 and expect a lot more new things in the store. Ranging from AI, VR to simply 5G network, everything when combined will bring exceptional experiences in the future. 

Mobile technology applications will serve the customer needs and bring scope of new advancements. Interactive user interface, technology development, investment are all past servings of the mobile technology where it has shown tremendous support. Without any delay, let us go through the top mobile technology trends in the industry: 


  • Artificial intelligence:

First and the foremost trend that tops the list is Artificial Intelligence. It can be seen in popular devices such as Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant and so on. These are examples of AI that can be installed right away in your mobile phone. Additionally, mobile apps are also using software such as voice recognition to bring hands-free use and highly optimize customer experience. These AI softwares enable developers and marketers to learn more about the user preferences. Therefore, business brands are trying to earn more by utilizing this information in creating advertisements keeping in mind specific target groups. 

  • Location-based technology:

Your smartphones and tablets track the location all the time, until you decide to turn it off, even wondered why? In fact all new mobile applications now ask for permission of the user to turn on location. This is done so that they can view your location and recommend your products and services on the basis of that. For example, Uber asks its customers to keep the location on while using the service, so that it can help us connect to the driver and track our location in helping us reach the destination. 

  • Augmented reality:

In this, it uses something real and does its modification to make it appear authentic in the first place. For example, use of face filters on Snapchat gives the user a real feeling. Now, even Instagram is applying this filter. Various other apps use this strategy for earning more revenue. Based on how successful these apps are today, even other businesses are looking for strategies to incorporate augmented reality into their mobile technology. It will help the brands in creating brand awareness, app downloading, more engagement and revenue. 

  • Wearable technology:

Wearable technology is becoming popular day by day. It is creating a buzz among the people all over the globe with the rising demand for alluring wearable devices like fitbits, fitness trackers, smartwatches, healthcare monitors, glasses and more. Imagine what it feels like to have technology running in your hands. Along with the advent in wearable tech, it is also enhancing the health conscious behaviour in people more and more. Every other person is investing heavily in order to maintain their health, such devices fall in that lane. 

  • Digital payment:

You might have heard of the phrase that’s becoming quite common nowadays, “Go digital, go cashless”. Well, obviously it doesn’t imply that you have to roam around without any cash asking for free products and services. With the advanced technology, you can have all the cash in digital form inside your phone and buy your favourite smoothie or a cup of coffee by paying through online payment apps. Various apps like Google Pay, Paypal, Amazon Pay, Paytm are offering online payment services for high convenience to the customers. 

At last, mobile technology is growing exponentially as compared to any other industry. With each advancement, demand keeps on increasing as per the trends. Therefore, app developers and marketers must know about the recent trends while creating new applications for the mobile users worldwide. 

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