Boosting Your Immunity at the Time of COVID-19

Immunity is the ability of the body to defend itself from ‘foreign bodies’. This means rejecting infections, clearing up dust which gets in the lungs and killing cancer cells. Vaccination builds on the natural immune system to make a person resist certain diseases. That was the most simple explanation of what immunity is. In Medical terms, Immunity is the capability of multicellular organisms to resist harmful microorganisms from entering their cells. Immunity involves both specific and nonspecific components. The nonspecific components act as barriers or eliminators of a wide range of pathogens irrespective of their antigenic make-up.

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic could be described as a global health crisis of the modern world and one of the biggest challenges the world has faced since World War II. Every state or country is racing to flatten the transmission curve of the virus through mass testing and treating infected patients, most importantly by creating a vaccine for COVID-19. 

As we said in the 1st paragraph, vaccination builds on the natural immune system from the human body. So basically our immune system has the power to fight with the virus, if not kill it. And that’s why we need to make our immune system strong enough to fight it. But how does one make their immune system strong or boost them? Let’s find out.

Get Enough & Deep Sleep

Sleep and immunity are closely tied. In fact, inadequate or poor-quality sleep is linked to a higher sensitivity to sickness. Good sleep time for 7-8 hours is the best way to help your body build immunity. Lesser sleep will leave you tired and impair your brain activity. The lack of sleep will prevent the body from resting and this will impair other bodily functions that will have a direct impact on your immunity. Lack of sleep adversely affects the action of any vaccine.  Sleep is a great way to reboot your mind and body and needless to say your immune system. 

Eating Right

There is a term which goes by “Eat the Rainbow”, Colorful fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants. These nutrients guard against free radicals, molecules that can harm your cells. To get a wide range, go for oranges, green peppers, broccoli, kiwi, strawberries, carrots, watermelon, papaya, leafy greens, and cantaloupe. Adding goods in the diet will go a long way to boost immunity and limit added sugar.  Eating right goes a long way in circulating immune cells, called T-cells. 

Staying Active 

A good diet should be followed by an exercise routine. Remember to exercise regularly. Because of the pandemic, everyone has a very low amount of movement in their bodies which is bad for the immune system. Increasing your physical activity levels helps you stay healthy in several ways.  Regular exercise increases the body’s production of antibodies and T-cells and helps gear up the immunity levels. Just don’t overdo with the body. Only because exercise is good for you, it does not mean you will overdo it. Aim for 5 times a week at least. Find something to get your body moving and your immune system in tip-top shape.

Managing Stress Level

The immune system of the human body does not only respond to what one eats or does, it responds to the brain also. Removing stress and anxiety is key to immune health. Long-term stress promotes inflammation, as well as imbalances in immune cell function. Lowering your stress levels through meditation, yoga, exercise, and other practices can help keep your immune system functioning properly. Stress is known to have an adverse effect on immunity.

Cut Back On Harmful Substances

Harmful substances as in alcohol, cigarettes, etc. Alcohol plays a major role in how we socialize and celebrate. But too much can weaken your defence system and cause you to get sick more often. Do your immune system a favour and give up smoking. If it takes you a couple of tries before you quit for good, hang in there. Ask your doctor for advice on how to make this major life change. Stay away from being a passive smoker, too. 

Final Thoughts

One can make several lifestyle and dietary changes today to strengthen their immune system. These include reducing your sugar intake, staying hydrated, working out regularly, getting adequate sleep, and managing your stress levels. Whatever it takes to boost the immune system in the bodies. The immune system takes a while to develop and needs help from vaccines. So till then stay put and build your immune system. 

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