Best IoT devices that enable smart living in 2020

IoT is the new buzzword in today’s times and the population is going crazy behind owning these smart-tech driven devices to amplify their home, by promoting a smart lifestyle. The IoT sector is progressing at a fast pace increasing availability and accessibility of internet connected devices for its customers. Everyone is bound to get enthralled by the news of a new launch of an IoT device or owning an existing one from the market. Certainly, with this advent, every device has its authentic smart version as an IoT device, you just have to name it. For speakers, we have ‘Amazon Echo’, for bulbs, we have ‘Philips Hue bulbs and lighting systems. And more, the list is endless.  

IoT is the chief element of automation inside homes and smart living. It has transformed the face of connectivity and how advanced it looks now, more than ever. Let’s take a look at the different types of smart devices that will enhance your living for the better:


  • Bitdefender Box 2:

For whatever reasons, the IoT devices lack the feature of in-built security systems, therefore arises the need of yet another device to safeguard them against hackers, malwares, etc. Bitdefender Box 2 is a unique security appliance for your smart home that is meant to shield all or any of the IoT devices from a host of threats that may arise. This one’s a supercharged router that is here to save your IoT devices by running alongside your old router or without it, however you like. It mainly acts like a firewall whose main function is to keep a watch over any threats and prevent the devices from them. Further, it additionally blocks sending of requests to unknown or malicious websites. Now, when you buy an IoT device, do keep this device in your list, because you will need to most likely. 

  • Amazon Echo plus (2nd gen):

In the year 2017, the first echo plus was launched in the form of a premium smart speaker. It created another round of buzz among the people because of its distinctive super audio quality as compared to the Dot. it has the ability to act as a hub of all devices present at a time in your home. Therefore, making it easy for you to communicate with other devices like Philips Hue bulb or net cam security. Now, the 2nd gen Amazon Echo Plus will come with the same abilities with a refreshed, unbeatable design and audio drivers. Enjoy mind blowing music with Amazon Echo and get ready for the fun party spree with your homies. 

  • Awair Air-quality monitor:

If you want to experience the best air quality inside your room and say goodbye to any air-borne diseases, then this is the right device for you. Awair is a smart tech-driven air quality monitor that permits you to track and monitor various factors related to air quality, directly through the smartphone. This way you can build a protection system in the air using this smart device and maintain a healthy environment in your home. The new 2nd gen model has the additional ability of being able to successfully track air particulate matter smaller than 2.5 microns. Furthermore, inhalation of these small particles can be dangerous in many ways, such as diminished lung function, conditions like asthma and heart disease. 

  • Philips Hue bulbs and Lighting System:

Would you believe me if I tell you that small dazzling bulbs can even play music for your entertainment inside your home? It is possible with the latest technology of Philips Hue bulbs and Lighting System. There is a reason why this system has become the most popular IoT device among all others. Its key function is to create a unique personal lighting system with which users can control the light and exact ambience you desire right from your smartphone or tablet. Imagine inviting your colleagues or friends and having them sit in the perfectly glowing surroundings created artificially by the lighting system. You won’t even need to go to a fancy restaurant to have that feeling, you can create it inside the house with this device. 

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