Yogic discipline: The most essential yogic practices to know

“Self control is strength, right thought is mastery, calmness is power.” – Buddha 

The roots of Yoga date back to the history of India( Bharat), full of virtue and tranquility. The life of a yogi commences from maintaining a lifestyle of ethical discipline or commonly known as yogic discipline. The two most essential components of Yoga to be practiced are Yama and Niyama. This humble practice of Yama and Niyama will eliminate all the impurities of the mind and lead to pure light. 

There are a lot of aspects that revolve around yogic discipline. First and foremost is a non-injuring attitude. It implies leading a life of Ahimsa, where all your actions, deeds and work align with being non-injuring, thereby only expressing sheer love and kindness towards others. The feeling of oneness and that only one common self dwells within the heart of others as well. The yogi must practice the universal love and brotherhood in all respects. He, who practices this kind of love will reach new heights and achieve all the success in yoga. Even harsh words and unkind looks are not considered proper for a yogi. He must be friendly and kind to everyone around him. 

Then comes truthfulness which is the alignment of thought with words and words with actions. Only an unselfish person can truly be able to adapt this yogic practice. Or to say one has to become unselfish in order to speak the truth. Truth arises when the motive of a person is clear and precise. That he does not want to manipulate or hurt anyone with his words. 

The next in order is the act of non-stealing that is honestly acceptly what’s yours and being satisfied with it. Every wrong action taken by man is the cause of suffering. Action and reaction are equal and opposite. As human beings, our job is to take care of the wealth and not keep on amassing it. The wealth is to be given in charity and shared with others as much as one can. 

The fourth virtue is the practice of celibacy or protecting sexual energy. When the sexual energy is kept protected, it takes the form of Ojas Shakti which is a very powerful spiritual energy. All the spiritual personalities have practiced celibacy to bring forth their intelligence stored up in the brain and use it in healing the people around the world. Their  smile is full of charm and love which creates a very soothing effect on his listeners. Their presence heals others and their words do magic on others. Whoever comes in close contact with him, feels blissful and great from within. 

To acquire immortality in every sense, brahmacharya is practiced. It lets a person progress materially and realize his psychic powers. It will lead to insurmountable joy and complete experience of bliss in the body. It provides energy, clear brain, will power, great understanding and the power of enquiry. Through brahmacharya a person can advance on all planes of life i.e. mental, physical, spiritual and moral. One should restrain the sexual desire instead of suppressing it. In case of restraining, there are no sexual thoughts, but in suppression, the mind can waver from time to time. Therefore, one must be careful in dealing with this sort of sexual energy. 

It is important to calm the rushing thoughts and the restless mind. Practice being self-aware and enjoying the moment instead of dwelling on thoughts and crowding the mind with rubbish. Calmly connect to the divine Lord as he knows it all, he is Antaryami. So, do not hide your thought process from the creator itself but expose your true self to him, have conversation with him and be pious at all times. 

One of the yogic practices is to stay away from greedy behaviour and not accepting presents from any person. This is not done to hurt the feelings of the person but for the yogi to not let his mind be affected by the gifts. These act as blockages in the path of a yogi who wants to lead a life of dispassion or vairagya. The Yogi must practice other active rules such as cleanliness of body and mind, contentment, studying religious books and scriptures and the most important being surrender to God at all times. Two things for gaining success in mind-control is mostly practice and dispassion. These two will form the mind of a yogi and help him experience blissful situations. 

Yoga is a vast field of knowledge and wisdom. There is always more to learn from yogi-important aspects than can change the life of a person living a normal life. Dive in deeper into understanding and practicing yoga in day to day lives. It will not only transform your life but also make you feel pure bliss and contentment.

“Peace begins when expectations end.” -Buddha 


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