The ultimate meditation guide- experience the serenity and piousness of soul

Meditation is the practice of connecting with the soul by pausing the unnecessary chatter of the mind and being fully present in the moment of magic. This art form is practiced by people all over the world for different reasons. This is done in a very peaceful environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city and people. Evidently, we as humans are getting disconnected with ourselves and more connected to the worldly pleasures around us. It’s a wake up call to focus on what’s within and unravel the bliss that resides within each one of us. 

Nowadays, the lifestyle of 90% of the population is full of stress and worries. They forget to experience the peace and calm that they can only by being in nature or being in silence with themselves. Therefore, most of the people are now taking help of mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation for the betterment of their mental and emotional health. And by far it has worked for most of them in helping them grow and develop a strong emotional system of the body, with resistance to stress. Following are the 7 types of meditation techniques to practice and transform your life in experiencing the serenity of the soul that resides within. 


  • Mindfulness meditation:

This type of meditation involves being fully present where you are. Go in the park, find a tree and maybe sit under it or any place that’s totally calm, with lesser distractions. Try deep breathing and with each breath focus on your presence. Soak in the calmness of the surroundings and avoid thinking too much. Even if thoughts arise, let them pass and flow but do not pay attention to them. You just need to be present and self-aware more with yourself by not reacting to the things happening around you. By being mindful, you can avoid unnecessary chatter of the mind even if you are in a crowded place. It can be practiced at any hour of the day or at any place, wherever you want to. 

  • Transcendental meditation:

This form of meditation is for those who are not a beginner anymore and can practice concentration during meditation. The person who is performing transcendental meditation often repeats a personally assigned mantra like word, sound, small phrase, etc. along as he breathes in mindfully with each repetition. It is often practiced 20 mins, two times a day by a person. The main aim of doing this meditation is to attain inner peace and enter the state of sheer relaxation. 

  • Guided Meditation:

The other name for guided meditation is guided imagery or strong visualization. While practicing guided meditation, one forms mental pictures or visualizes something that relaxes one’s body and mind. It is often practiced in the presence of a guide or guru, hence its name guided. One uses as many senses as possible such as smell, taste, texture, sounds to bring the body in a fully relaxed state.

  • Vipassana Meditation:

It is a very old form of meditation which has its roots connected to the Indian history-the sages would practice it during those times, more than 2500 years ago. The mindfulness meditation in the US has originated from this type of meditation. The chief goal of practicing vipassana meditation is to achieve self transformation by the process of self-observation. This can be successfully done by focusing attention on the physical body and maintaining a strong connection with body and mind. The teachers who have practiced this meditation claim that consistent interconnection helps in manifesting love and compassion in the heart and mind. 

  • Loving Kindness Meditation:

It is the profound practice of giving well wishes to others, irrespective of them being hurtful with us. Some specific words that spread warmth and endearment are recited from time to time. This is common in mindfulness and vipassana meditation and brings a sense of calmness in mind. Often, good feelings are sent to the person’s loved ones by saying things like, “May he be happy”, May he be peaceful” and “May all beings everywhere be happy.” 

  • Chakra Meditation:

The word chakra in chakra meditation originated from the Sanskrit word ‘chakra’ meaning wheel. Chakras are the energy centres in the human body that hold most of the spiritual power. Each chakra has its fixed position in the body and has some or the other important role to play in our lives. This kind of meditation is practiced to keep the chakras balanced and find great inner peace. Each chakra in the body is visualized along with its respective shade for creating balance and energy. 

  • Yoga Meditation:

The yoga practices are also quite an ancient form of meditation. Yoga involves poses practiced with full concentration, by staying away from the distractions around. It is good for physical health as it brings flexibility and great body posture. There are a lot of variety in yoga practices as well and one can choose any depending on their interests. 

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