Truths about eating disorders revealed!

According to eating disorder statistics by ANAD , every 62 minutes , at least one person as a direct result of eating disorder. 13% of women above the age of 50 are trapped in eating disorder behaviour. Eating disorders affect all races and ethnic groups. 1 in five anorexia deaths is by suicide. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. 

However , with awareness and proper food guidelines , it all can be cured but having such a large population makes it a hefty task for the government. 


Eating disorder is defined as any among the list of psychological disorders or ailments characterised by abnormal or weird eating habits. The most common eating disorders are anorexia nervosa , bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder. Eating disorders are most common in women and girls but often men are no more safe from it and get caught up , in no time. These all are serious issues regarding eating and are very negatively impactful on a person’s health , emotions and functioning in different areas of life. Although there are no particular tests to identify if one is suffering from such an ailment but a procedure of formal diagnosis can definitely help.

According to healthline , there are 6 major types of eating disorders which are the most common as well. 


  • Anorexia nervosa :

an eating disorder where a person gets conscious about his or her weight while eating. It’s related to a bizarre state of mind where the human is scared to gain weight or have an untoned body. Its major symptom is when a person starts eating less than required and exercising more than the body can execute.

Anxiety , guilt and depression are the most common behavioral symptoms. Medical treatments and talk therapy are the best ways to deal with such a disorder.


  • Bulimia nervosa :

an eating disorder where a person initially eats vigorously and then later spends hours in exercising and fitness regimes leading to a disturbed body functioning. The most common symptom is to eat a lot more than the body can take and then fasting ridiculously. Water electrolyte imbalance , dehydration , irregular menstruation in females and poor self esteem are the visible effects and consequences.cognitive behavioral therapy , meditation , counselling are the treatments prescribed in such cases.


  • Binge eating disorder :

also called as BED is a disorder of eating when a person eats until and unless he or she is uncomfortably full. Most of the prominent symptoms are when a person starts eating even when he or she isn’t hungry , consuming a high carb diet. The feeling of disgust with oneself is very common is such an illness. Emotional trauma and some particular psychological conditions are the major causes of such an ailment. Interpersonal therapy and weight loss by a feel good counselling are the prescribed solutions in this kind of issue.


  • Pica

: A bizarre disorder where the sick has a craving for chewing substances which are without any of the nutritional value. The substances can be like soil , clay , paper or ice. The development of such a habit is caused by cultural factors , stress or some nutritional values. Vomiting , shortness of breath , puking acid reflux are some of the most common symptoms.

  • Rumination disorder :

A condition where a person spits the food from stomach back to food pipe where the person either swallows it or spits it out. This kind of process happens after every meal in 30 minutes. Weight loss and heat burns are the most common effects. Although the cause is unknown so far but seeking medical care is advisable in such a state.


  • Avoidant food intake disorder :

it’s a disorder where the nutritional value of the consumed food doesn’t match the levels of requirement of the body in terms of nourishment. In such a case , fatigue , weakness and a sense of feeling lethargic is very common. According to nutritional experts , the cure of such an ailment is to focus on a balanced diet for time being. Food consultants are the best people to deal with ailments like this.

In common, if one considers all the treatments for eating disorders so they all are directed towards mental health by one way or another. Cognitive behavioral therapy , dialectical behavioral therapy , family therapy , interpersonal therapy , art therapy , medical nutritional therapy , self help groups , support groups , psychoanalysis, and inpatient care etc are the most prominent ways to cure disorders and have so far the most useful ones.

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