Trends in mobile health that will revamp the industry in 2020

With the advent of powerful technological tools and gadgets, daily tasks have simplified for the better. Humans are utilizing this technology in every sphere of their lives, be it health, profession, learning, etc. Even the advancements are so quick that every second a new gadget is being updated or transformed to a newer version. In such a tech driven world, the healthcare industry is consistently forging ahead with the advancements brought in by the technology. Health is indeed a priority and with the new healthcare based applications, one can easily lead healthier lives by taking proper use of them. 


Mobile health (mHealth) industry in today’s times

Let us know how the mHealth industry has evolved till date before moving on to the trends in this industry.  We have a few statistics to state the point that the future of mHealth is quite vibrant and promising. 

  • 55,000 estimated mobile apps across all platforms
  • 270+ million people have a healthcare app downloaded 
  • 35% productivity increase in staff and clinicians due to health apps 
  • 80% of the health apps target the end consumers 

After taking a look at the statistics, one can be certain of the fact that mHealth is constantly on the rise and is going to be a fulfilling industry in future as well. Let’s go through the trends that marketers should follow to be successful in the mHealth industry: 


  • Patient Generated Health Data:

With the help of mHealth the patients are recording and generating the health data on their own. An app which helps keep medical records and a check on the patient;s health is on a rising trend these days. A patient can record treatment history along with health details, symptoms of diseases, personal biometric data, any habits, lifestyle changes, etc. In this manner, the health apps can regulate the health of a patient without him having to visit the doctor for such petty issues. Such personalized mobile health solutions are definitely popular among people for it’s legitimate benefits.

  • Data protection:

A breach of privacy is a big turn off for any person using the mobile health applications. A lot of revenue can be lost simply because of security issues in the aaps built by a developer. It is certainly one of the greatest challenges for the mobile health industry to keep the user’s data protected at all times. It is essential to do a bit of research before blindly trusting the health app developer. The technology which is focused at providing security and protection to user’s data is emerging in today’s times. This is another important trend to keep in mind while designing apps for improved user experience.

  • Role of geolocation:

Among all the trends of the mHealth industry, geolocation is probably the most noteworthy. With the help of a GPS application, the ability to determine a user’s location provides an opportunity to locate the user. The innovation healthcare apps use geolocation for collecting the address and location of hospitals, pharmacies, etc, allow emergency calls, gaining access to medical news, getting information about accidents or any other mishappening. The app developers should incorporate the essential feature of geolocation for easy access. 

  • Diversified ways of communication:

effective communication makes our lives better. Similarly, in the healthcare industry the new and improved ways of communicating has brought positive changes in the industry. The varied channels of communication are as follows: 

  • Video chat/ conferencing:

 It is undoubtedly the most modified and effective way of communicating live with the doctor. The patient can get to discuss the problem almost like in real time and gain better patient experience.

  • Chatbot:

These chatbots provide the user great personalized experience and it is one of the latest trends in the mHealth industry. 

  • Booking appointment online:

With this kind of facility, a patient can easily book an appointment from the comfort of his home. It reduces waiting time and delays in checkup. 

  • Emergency call:

The feature of emergency call allows a patient to summon for urgent help which is like an SOS signal. 

  • Artificial intelligence and Machine learning:

when discussing the unique trends of the mobile healthcare industry, this one element of AI cannot be overlooked. AI and machine learning are the highly advanced versions of technology in the world. The implementation of AI in health apps have produced remarkable results on patient’s lives. When both combined together will provide the user with more personalized experience and bring logic in the functioning of the apps. The apps which help in tracking the physical activity of a user are mostly AI based. They have voice assistants and many other attractive features which help in regulating health. 

  • Telemedicine:

Telemedicine is an essential component of the mHealth industry. It refers to providing remote care to patients using telemcommunications. It involves use of technology for exchanging medical information, records and so on. With this type of service, people living in rural areas also can gain access to proper medical care. Telemedicine provides better access, cost effective, highly convenient, on millennials demand, reduced absenteeism. This all contributes to the reasons why the mobile health industry should consider telemedicine in India and worldwide. 


The above trends are recent ones in the mHealth industry and must be considered by marketers or developers. The healthcare industry has gone through a lot of transformation but the most revolutionized is mobile health. Let us contribute to the health of people around us by educating them about mHealth and spreading the knowledge about this important aspect of healthcare. 

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