Profound benefits of mobile health (mHealth)

Mobile health or commonly known as mhealth is transforming the era of healthcare by the numerous benefits that it offers. With the increase in accessibility of mobile technology, any kind of service, be it medical care is available at the tap of a button. There is no debate as to what all mobile heath has to offer for tremendous growth and development in the healthcare industry. Nowadays, every person has a smartphone in hand in which a no. of applications can be installed and the user can gain full access to it. In mobile health, the apps that come under this category are to improve a person’s health and lifestyle in order to reduce the massive no. of diseases caused to patients. 

It becomes quite essential to have a look at the benefits of mobile health for its effective use in the future and even today. There is no rush to be at the hospital anymore or to get diagnosed in a hurry as mobile health brings you comfort and ease of performing urgent tasks at home. According to a recent study, almost 93% of the doctors believe that healthcare apps can bring great improvement in patient’s health and around 80% doctors are currently using this technology to bring effectiveness in patient care. Without any delay, let’s discuss the profound benefits of mobile health for patient care: 


  • Immediate access:

As long as the patient has a smartphone, he can immediately download the desired app and collect important health information. This can also be done under a physician’s guidance for better results. Instead of rushing to the hospital and risking the patient’s life, one can find comfort at home while taking advantage of various health care apps and generate the medical information. Moreover, few other apps enable users to book an appointment with a doctor and have a talk with him regarding his medical condition. This is an easy way to get treatment even without moving out in any non emergency condition. 

  • Patients become responsible for their own health:

When a patient himself looks into the health applications, he understands the know-how of how to access medical information on his own. Implying that now even the user is aware such processes which were earlier carried out behind the curtains. Furthermore, by use of fitness trackers and wearables, a person can easily find track of his fitness activity like running, jogging, exercising and so on. With this technology, a person will eventually become more active and indulge in the best manner into fitness activities. This brings responsibility to maintain one’s overall health in terms of diet, exercise and other such activities. 

  • Less diagnostic errors:

The advancement in mobile health technology has evolved over time which throws light on the point that with the help of intelligent diagnostic functioning of these apps, errors can be minimized to much extent. Many physicians who use these apps have been able to store the patient’s data on the cloud and the system detects poor medical records or missing ones effectively. Such additional features are a great help to doctors in coming up with accuracy in medical records, therefore improvising the patient care. In this manner, the process can get error-free with increased user satisfaction. 

  • Improved clinical processes:

The medical practitioners/ clinicians are not hesitating in their investment for the flooding range of healthcare apps. It is quite inevitable as the doctors are well aware of the benefits provided by mobile health and do not want to miss out on anything important. It is very fascinating to note that the healthcare market will soon reach $136 billion by 2021, forging ahead with the revolution brought by mobile health technology. The tasks of the medical staff at hospitals have been minimized as now they have the entire access to the medical data/ information with the help of smartphones connected to the patient’s body. This helps in proper monitoring of the patients with reduced time and better convenience. 

  • Cater to patient care:

Patients can get easy access to the mobile apps from any corner of the world. Even if they live in remote areas with no or limited medical facilities, one can take use of the online applications and get the proper medication. Whether a patient wants to find a medical specialist with hands-on experience or study his medical test report from labs or get access to medicine prescribed by the doctor online, it can be done with a few taps of the button. Basically, a patient’s experience with healthcare is improving over time by use of mobile healthcare or mHealth. The patient can get regular health tips through push notifications on these apps which is another big advantage that cannot be overlooked. 


Apart from the above mentioned benefits, there are other benefits of mHealth such as establishing brand value of business by using health apps, making easy bill payments, reduced medical expenses, novel business opportunities in the healthcare sector, collaboration with the internet of things, remote care and so on. Well, the list is endless and it is solely because of the reason that technology is benefiting society in the best way possible, be it in the healthcare industry or otherwise. It is better to not live in neglect and ignore such an important aspect of today’s healthcare. Spread the word about mHealth and let more people know about this technology for their better, and in turn it will lead to the betterment of the society.

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