In the light of International day against Drug Abuse: Drug Use Disorder

International day against Drug Abuse and illicit trafficking, what is it? 

Keeping in view the society’s scenario which is more indulged in drug-related activities, where even teenagers are entering the world of drugs to avoid unwanted stress or the real-real world, there is a need to have a specific day in the calendar that aids/supports the problem of drug abuse. Therefore, the General Assembly decided to keep 26th june as the “International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking” marking the determination towards one sole mission of making the society drug free as much as possible. Apparently, this can be made possible by collective efforts of communities and institutions which will play their part for the betterment of the society in terms of drug abuse. 

Let us go through the aspects of drug use disorder and how harmful it can be for those who are suffering from it. 

What is a drug use disorder?

Drug use disorder is a certain type of condition wherein a self destructive pattern is observed in association with using a substance that leads to numerous problems and distress, having included the tolerance to or the withdrawal of the substance. It has affected around 8% of the people in use making it an alarming situation at some point of time. A novel term ‘dual diagnosis’ refers to the condition where the drug related issue is combined with a mental health condition in a person. Now that sounds way more critical, isn’t it? Moreover, a person can abuse almost any virtual substance with the help of which it can obtain an ecstatic/ euphoric feeling. As a matter of fact, a small substance is ruling people’s lives which is quite ironic to know. 

The story doesn’t end here, the most commonly used substances by people include the inhalants like household cleaners. It is shocking to the core for someone who hasn’t been exposed to drug abuse or any related thing before. A person tends to develop a chemical use disorder on the basis of various biological, psychological and social risk factors. The healthcare professionals usually collect the family’s comprehensive mental health information and some physical assessments via lab tests as there is no way to diagnose this problem. 

What are the types of drugs generally consumed? 

As discussed earlier, a person may abuse any substance upon whose ingestion a euphoric feeling is experienced. The legal substances like alcohol and the illegal substances like cocaine, marijuana are commonly abused but what comes as a total surprise is the abuse of household cleaners and some over the counter-medications like cold medicines. Even these come under the commonly abused substances category.let us follow the list for the different types of drugs below: 

  • Alcohol: Alcoholism has devastating effects on an individual’s physical and mental well being which becomes an interference in his personal life. In Spite of the fact that alcohol is legal, it is still considered as a toxic substance and can cause great harm if abused.
  • Anabolic Steroids: It is a specific group of substances abused by enthusiastic athletes or body builders. Having abused this substance for a long term can lead to emotional level symptoms like paranoia or aggression, accompanied by physical effects like infertility or organ failure. 
  • Caffeine: A whole lot of people all over the world are extreme coffee lovers, but can this desire for coffee get hard for you in the long run? It is noted that consuming caffeine in excess can be a habit forming and thereby producing symptoms like palpitations, insomnia, tremors, irritability and even anxiety. 

What are its physical and psychological effects?

The physical and psychological effects of the drug use disorder are substance specific, but the general effects have also been studied. For instance, inhalant intoxication and paranoia with marijuana, severe depression of suicidal thoughts with cocaine or amphetamine withdrawal. In all the cases, the situation of the individual becomes too intense and difficult to handle. With proper guidance and family’s care, a person can however come out of drug abuse effectively. Such is the level of drug use disorder and it has the capability to ruin a person’s health, lifestyle and everything else.  

The strong effects of drug use disorder are quite substancing and leading to the hike in economic cost of the country, ranging from legal, medical and mental health implications. The cause of concern is the teenagers who are constantly engaging in prescription drug abuse for some reason or the other like narcotics or opioids, prescribed by physicians to relieve pain. For all this going on in society, the international day of drug abuse is yet another initiative to curb such practices in order to maintain peace and harmony within the society, making it a drug-free place to live in.

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