Dietary supplements: Do we need them?

Every human you meet is health conscious today. Either he is on a diet or eating in a way where he or she is keeping a track of the calorie count. Not only that , there are people who are actually avoiding eating and still consuming the essential macro and micro nutrients. This is possible by supplementary foods. Dietary supplements or food supplements are different categories of products that one eats or drinks to maintain the nutrient count and essential minerals in the body. They can neither be termed as medicine nor food products. 

They are although termed as supplements of food and diet because of the way of consumption by people which excludes food and survives on either pills , tablets or capsules. Food supplements in the name of multivitamin or minerals were invented during the 1940s. It’s more like synthetic food but with nutrients exactly of the food which one eats. 


There are a few types of dietary supplements which help in maintaining a balanced health. Vitamins and minerals are the ones which are highly essential but required in a minimal amount by the body. Proteins and amino acids are important to maintain a normal health. Bodybuilding supplements are taken by athletes to help them in better performance. Essential fatty acids are consumed by every gyming person. Probiotics are however recommended for every human by doctors for a healthy gut and colon. A new kind of supplements which is completely herbal and based on vegan diet is also a part of this supplements category and often termed as Natural products. 

There are some of the amazing benefits which makes one hooked to the intake of dietary supplements. It helps in preventing the lack of nutrient issues and keeps the body completely nourished and healthy. Increase in muscular health , stamina and endurance with incredible energy levels is experienced by the consumption of Food supplements. It prevents a lot of diseases and keeps health ailments at bay. Diabetes , cancer , fatigue , low energy levels , they all are dealt properly by the help of macro and micro nutrient pills. Because of the spontaneous response of all the tablets and capsules , faster and rapid results and energy levels are obtained. This prevents the time wasted in the name of resting and helps in increased productivity. The human body needs revitalisation timely. Dietary supplements are found to be very effective and helpful in the postnatal period. It helps in better health after the delivery. It is also proven to be found effective to prevent eating disorders and allergies with proper nutrition and minerals.

However , dietary supplements come with enormous health hazards as well. There are a few disturbing drawbacks which are quite inevitable with the ingestion of food substitutions. 


  • Out of budget.

The supplementary foods or diet is not food, neither is it some sort of medicine. It’s a product which is a bridge between medicine and a food product. Hence , it is quite costly. For a common man , if prescribed , it is quite difficult to adjunct it in the monthly budget. It is budget hampering and often leads to rise in the price with the increasing demand. 


  • Chronic side effects 


There are several side effects of such supplements ingestion in the body. The most common and chronic are diarrhea , nausea , vomiting etc. often cases have occurred of nerve damage due to a continuous usage of dietary pills and supplements. An increment in the weakness of muscles is also diagnosed in those people who tend to feed more on such a diet.


  • Appetite imbalances 

Either a person starts to eat a lot or eat less than he or she needs. This imbalance is a result of feeding on supplements that the person forgets to intake an ample amount of diet within. It is one of the most common symptoms of the side effects of food supplements and multivitamins. The cases of malnutrition and obesity , both are possible and can be seen in the patients who have a history of synthetic nutrients. 


  • Not fit for pregnancy

Pregnant women are strictly prohibited from supplementary diets as it not only has bad effects but also creates issues in their womb. Pills , capsules and tablets given to pregnant ladies to maintain a balanced diet is actually a way to disturb her body systems. Overall , the focus should be on natural foods and habits to have a healthy period of pregnancy and childbirth. 

 Whether a person intakes dietary supplements or nit , he or she should be focused on how to keep his or her health completely alright. Because it is health which is a real asset not the gold and silver coins the human gets and saves. Money and status is something you get but health is indeed something which you earn.

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