Benefits of consuming a vegan diet that no one told you about

You might have heard this term, ‘vegan’ while sitting in a restaurant or watching your favourite food show on t.v., even if you haven’t we will help you learn about veganism, vegan diet and its following benefits which can change your life or the environment you live in. Basically, it is not about being a vegetarian or a non- vegetarian which comprises more than half of the population of our country. But, the vegan diet is about how far one can go to achieve greater health and a healthier surroundings thereby. Well, everyone has their own reasons for being a vegetarian or a vegan or a non vegetarian and that can’t be questioned either. With this general freedom of choice of people living on the planet, we would like to throw some light on the aspects of vegan diet that you should consider. 

What is a vegan diet?

 Vegan diets are those plant based diets which exclude the consumption of meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs and all other animal derived products. Sounds good? Too tough for a regular non-vegetarian though to even think of restricting to such a diet. Now the question arises that if it doesn’t comprise all the above, then what does it include? If a person follows a vegan diet, then he is free to consume soy products, vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts seeds or any other product made out of these ingredients. To make it clear in your mind that vegan diet is not just a diet but a totally new lifestyle known as veganism and those who follow it for enhancing their overall health or for environmental reasons are called vegans. 

It is not only restricted to consumption of foods but also other products of use like fashion products, say lipstick, leather handbags and so on. The vegans are sensitive people and they are also concerned with the ethics of products for use in their homes, like how they are made and everything. It all depends on the level of comfort that you get from following a certain diet and there is no hard and fast rule for anything. Being particular with the diet is an individual choice which is respected all over the world. 

Following are the benefits of consuming a vegan diet: 


  • Richer in nutrients:

Following a strict vegan diet implies staying away from meat or regular dairy products, which leaves no other option than consuming more vegetables, nuts, grains, fruits and seeds. These foods are filled with nutrients and super beneficial for your health. According to a study, it is reported that a vegan diet increases fiber intake, antioxidants, plant compounds in the body. On the contrary, poorly structured vegan diets lack certain nutrients and make the body weak instead of helping in its development. Even though a vegan diet is rich in nutrients but it is essential to include all the foods that provide sufficient amounts of these nutrients. It is advisable to stay away from fast food vegan options to include in your diet. 

  • Lose excessive weight:

People are switching to a vegan diet mainly with the goal of losing those extra kilos from the body, which is a great step. As per a recent study, it can be seen that vegans are slimmer and have lower BMI than the non vegans. Consuming a vegan diet will help you lose weight faster than a calorie restricted diet. As vegan diets are responsible for lowering the calorie intake in a natural way than any other diet, so it is considered as the best option for faster weight loss. There is no need to actively or minutely focus on cutting the extra calories from a vegan diet. 

  • Lower blood sugar levels in the body:

Another interesting benefit is that the vegans are found to have lower blood sugar levels, higher insulin sensitivity and also lower risk of type 2 diabetes. As per another study, the diabetics who substitute meat for plant protein have lowered risk of their kidney not functioning properly. Vegan diet helps reduce the blood sugar levels in the body and also keep other medical issues at bay. So, if you want to adopt a vegan lifestyle and at the same time you can keep your body disease free.

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