AI challenges in digital marketing

Computers will overtake humans with Artificial Intelligencein the next 100 years. When that happens , we need to make sure that the computers have goals aligned with ours. – Stephen King 


The advancement of computer systems in such a way that they are able to perform tasks by human intelligence and intellectual traits such as audio visual acknowledgement , decision making power , language translations and speech recognition and identification is known as Artificial Intelligence. It can also be termed as AI , Robotics, expert systems, machine learning and natural language processing devices. John Mcarthy was the first person to coin the term Artificial Intelligence and is called the father of AI. But the first innovation in terms of AI was around the 1950s by Newell and Simon. 

There are so far four types of artificial intelligence invented :


  • Reactive machines :

The kind of AI which isn’t supposed to store any data but is meant for only responses for different types of stimuli.


  • Limited memory :

it’s the type of machine learning when it uses the memory to learn and improve the overall spontaneous responses.


  • Theory of mind :

It’s a kind of expert system where it understands and copes up with other intelligent identities and attributes. 


  • Self awareness :

The most advanced among all of the so far invented AI’s as it understands human-like intelligence and is often found with the quality of self- awareness.  

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing means the involvement of technology variations in the world of marketing to promote goods and services. The innovation of chatbots or talkbots , with that of an interactive policy between the client and the marketer is what sums up the main objective of artificial intelligence in digital marketing. But the application of AI in the sphere of digital marketing is even more profound. 

By some ultimate uses of this advanced technology in marketing which are mentioned here , the marketing is guaranteed to generate revenue and massive outputs. Artificial intelligence is very beneficial when applied in such methods like ,content creation , Curation of creativity , analysis based on meticulous observation , promotion of talkbots , interactive user experience and advancements in SEO knowledge as well. Not only that , AI also helios in web and link designing , Email marketing and other advertising via the digital media. Hands down , AI is like a golden ticket to success in the world of digital marketing. 

But what are the challenges involved when one wants to involve artificial intelligence in digital marketing , are stated below : 

Lack of advanced creativity 

The AI undoubtedly will work in such a way that it will execute a larger number of tasks in a legit short duration  of time but the major issue will be in the quality of work as the expert system will lack creativity. Its task will all be executed timely and will be very detailed but eventually , monotonous. From a digital marketer’s perspective , monotonous work or content is the worst one performed on the kebel of internet media. 


Not guaranteed to be error free

Although the tasks will be executed in such a way that a lot of time , money and labour will be saved for sure but  the guarantee of error free executions and missions  is not provided by any kind of artificial system. It’s a major disadvantage of AI in internet marketing as one wrong move ,and the client is gone forever. 


Lacks human touch

The talbots and chatbots will definitely provide the real time user experience and interaction like humans but even if they perform effectively 99% that remaining human touch of 1% will be a disappointment for the clients and oten this innovative technology will create a downfall in even an established organisation or company. 


High maintenance advancement 

No matter how amazing and how beneficial  technology or addition is , it surely is in a negative xone if it’s not cost effective. The maintenance cost of AI is often more than the overall revenue generation  and hence even the most prominent brands and businesses avoid this kind of technology. 

Not a user friendly technology

Machine learning or expert systems are quite complex to work with. Once a worker gets adapted or habitual to the specific modification , new advancements are added and hence it becomes a tedious task to work with AI. 

Although it has bought a very convenient output in the arena of digital marketing it is still lacking a lot of things which can be yet dealt with and furnished properly. But till then , the innovation of Artificial Intelligence will keep on helping the marketers in adding up to their usual revenue outputs and profits.

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