Biodiversity refers to the diversity of flora and fauna in the particular environment which is considered vital or desirable. It is one of the most contributing factors to boost the ecosystem’s health and functionality. Biodiversity is also termed as the variation in certain species or other categories to count in the environment. Although it sounds unbelievable, around 50 million species are found on Earth. This is just the data about how much is discovered. The unknown species are still wandering at some places wanting to be found. 

The loss of biodiversity is defined as the extinction of certain species from either the plant or the animal group because of various reasons. It is the most threatening issue for almost every organism living on the planet as it’s uncertain of whose turn is next? The loss of biodiversity has now become a major concern for all the environmentalists and nature lovers as with the rising human population , protection of the flora and fauna has become an even more difficult task to work on. 

With the rising population and natural disasters happening so far , they have destroyed a lot of parts of life on earth. Undoubtedly , the decrease in biodiversity can also be an outcome of such critical situations. But what are the major reasons for such mass destruction ? What steps are leading to the threatening conditions of our biodiversity at a rapid pace? Let us list the reasons below : 


  • Climatic changes 


The main cause of the wrecking environment and biodiversity is the climatic changes at an extreme level which cannot be tackled by the environment. The species living under such a condition suffer the most and often die from time to time creating a decrease in our overall variations of flora and fauna.


  • Deforestation aka Cutting down of plants

The cutting down or slaughtering of greenery is a very negatively contributing step towards the environment. The species (mainly terrestrial and aerial) die from lack of suitable environment and end up vanishing away to the extent that we no longer can see or find them.


  • Exploitation of natural resources


Over usage of any natural resource is nothing but a process to cause harm to all the organisms which are around the particular area. 

Be it land or water , slightest exploitation can end up making hefty issues for the environment. So the next time you waste any natural resources, think of how you will be found responsible to make a beautiful organism lose its life. 


  • Pollution (Air , water and soil )


The levels of pollution are rising day by day. In such a condition, the animals or plants residing in that specific area , have to bear a lot of inconvenience and after when it cannot take it anymore, that particular species goes away without a goodbye  and is never seen. 


  • Invasion of alien species


The invasion of new species  is another key factor contributing to the ravaging condition of biodiversity.  Varied species which are better evolved often travel to the different environment where they don’t belong only to create issues in the periphery and hence cause harm to the previously residing species. This leads to major loss in biodiversity and eventually adds up in the negative points of our variation in mother nature. 

With every cloud comes a silver lining.Every problem comes with a solution and every dark night leads to a brighter morning. All of these words direct us towards one philosophy , i.e. optimism. 

We all can control it if we plan on it and put our efforts in the right direction. There are certain ways to begin with the prevention of biodiversity loss , which are as follows : – 


  • Enforcement of government laws 


Better enactment of the environment protection act is one way to deal with the biodiversity loss to a major level. The fear of imprisonment and fine will make a person twice before causing any harm to the natural environment. 


  • Restoration of habitat


A major amount of attention should be given to the areas where a lot of tearing down of land has been done. Such areas should be provided with persistent efforts to recreate the habitat for the residing species so that they can stay in their certain habitat without any issues and harm. 


  • Focus on Sustainable development 


The future is all about sustainability. Once a person starts focusing on using every natural resource with keeping the future generations in mind , the destruction at every pace will reduce to more than 70% all over the world.

  • Reduction of exotic species 

The exotic and unique species often harm the environment they visit. Proper management of such issues should be executed so that the flora and fauna which is already ruling and taking over the environment, don’t have to get disturbed or affected by the invasion of alien species. 


  • Environmental education and awareness 


Overall education about the environment and wildlife should be mandatory for every curriculum.This not only creates awareness in the future’s rulers but also a sense of empathy is generated in the minds of the country’s youth so that a certain level of inclination towards the environment is discovered.

With the collective actions of the government and mankind himself , the protection of biodiversity and the environment can be achieved. To be precise enough , conservation of our environment and diversity is exactly like protecting our Mother Earth and our home. So why not this day , let’s take an oath to work for the benefit of our environment and eventually , our fellow organisms with whom we share our earth with.

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