Telemedicine : Various Types and Applications.

The process of telemedicines is very profound and is divided vividly in a few types with various meticulous applications !

Telemedicine is a revolutionary aspect in the world of medicine. It is defined as the process of taking care of patients while staying remotely away from each other(Patients and Doctors). It is the most convenient way of working by taking full advantage of electronic information and telecommunications technology. Nowadays doctors don’t need to be present to deal with any patient. The unwell human also can consult a doctor staying far away.

With time, the medical industry is going to flourish more because of the massive implementation of Telemedicine.

The world of telemedicine is vastly different from every other form of medical practice.Telemedicine services are divided into three major divisions. They are as follows:


Store and forward 

This type of telemedicine helps in shaping a particular patient’s information with that of another doctor or specialist to have a better understanding of the case itself. It ensures quicker responses and treatments which are supposed to be executed. It prevents the multiple testing procedures and works even more progressively when there are minimal resources around. 


Remote monitoring of the patient 

There are cases when the patient cannot visit the doctors due to either of the severity in the case or because of his age. In such cases , telemedicine even provides the most advanced equipment as well to treat a patient as quickly as possible and keep a check on him with the advanced systematics. 


Real time interactive services

This type of telemedicine allows the patient and the doctor to communicate on a one to one level. This type of telemedicine can also be termed as live telemedicine. The calls and video sessions are all protected and secured so that no personal information of either the patient or the doctor is released. This not only cures the patient properly but also keeps the safety of both the parties a priority.

So these were the different types of services of telemedicine. But what about the functioning ? Here are the applications of this medical practice which are quite profound and detailed focusing mainly on how a patient can be dealt more thoroughly and cured in a shorter span of time. 


Emergency Room Diversion:

These places are certainly the most stressing and unhealthy for an already suffering patient. Rather than going to such environments, a person can consult a doctor on a video chat to prevent a visit to the ER. With time the diversion from the emergency room will increase and more doctors will deal with patients by keeping them at their comfortable places. 



In places like intensive care units and neonatal intensive care units all of the crucial cases are kept. Telemedicine helps in zero movement of such typical cases and deal with them via the means of screen and diagnosis by the electronic devices and telecommunications only. This ensures safety and the patient is taken care of during the process.


Chronic Disease Management :

Even if there are cases of cancer , tuberculosis and complications in the heart, telemedicine can deal with them swiftly. The diagnosis of blood pressure , pulse rate and palpitations is executed by the technology itself. Long distance medications and treatments for complicated cases are also provided without any inconvenience.


Medical information Allocation :

The discussion of the general physicians with that of the specialists is quite particular regarding the treatment of any patient as sharing or allocation of the medical information is just a tap away and can be processed easily. 


Paramedic or ambulatory :

Ultising of the whole medical staff and that to including paramedical staff as well is one of the finest applications of telemedicine. It helps in providing  ample medications and actions quicker then running to any other developed far away hospital. The paramedical staff uses the most developed technology to cure patients under proper supervision. 


mHealth technology :

The most trending facility by telemedicine is the innovation of mHealth. mhealth is an abbreviation for mobile health which is solely used for the diagnosis and consultation of doctors via mobile phones and devices. 


Disaster Relief :

When any natural calamity knocks at a place , the availability of doctors on the spot is a next to impossible task. But it has been taken care of by the method of telemedicine which deals with a certain number of patients via the media and takes care of everything properly. 


Management of Medication :

Not everyone remembers when and how to take the medicine. But via the help of the monitor and advanced technology, a medical practitioner can keep a track of the medication to see whether it’s been done or not. Mostly in the case of aged people, it is the most beneficial application of telemedicine. 


Second or senior opinion :

Rather than rushing to other prominent hospitals, the patient can directly consider a second opinion by the help of a screen and this is how the treatments will begin faster and without wasting a hefty amount of time and money!


Telemedicine for secluded clinics :

There are times when the chemist needs prescription , but in the world of telemedicine the chemist himself gets convinced as the doctor advises by online means to ensure the availability of the medicine and even the treatments. This is how even the remote areas benefit from the means of Telemedicine.

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