Power Of Humour In Digital Marketing

On paper, one can never see humour being appreciated in a formal setting or it’s getting practised in an organization. Let alone, in a strategy for selling or marketing the product. But it has been observed, humour can be used in any kind of setting and it is more beneficial and impactful in marketing or endorsing the product. There are lots of companies who pay tons of money to the comedian for writing a funny advertising campaign or to act on that advertising. Again, only because they add humour to it and humour makes it feel real. 


Any content that prompts some kind of emotion is valuable, but if a brand can make people laugh they’ve got a really good chance of being liked as a brand. And humour has been used by businesses as a marketing tactic for good reason. If humour is employed correctly, it is a powerful tool for engagement and interaction. Humour is relatable, it is memorable and it always builds trust among the people. These factors are what make humour so pervasive, and are therefore extremely important to the success of humour in marketing. 

Every business uses social media in this modern age and social media runs on content which relates to people, and humour is the one thing that everyone can relate to. Humour is the one language that is understood by everyone, it is also known as the universal language. Businesses use humour in social media through various forms like Videos, Meme, Blogs, Comics, etc. But the important question is why is humour so effective in marketing and what is the reason every business has tried this marketing tool. 

Humour Makes Brand More Human

Incorporating humour into marketing strategy can help give brands a more human side which is always comforting customers in this technology surrounded world. This will benefit the brand and help build a connection with the online community.  Humour is relatable and if so the audience will always remember it which helps in building trust between the audience and the company. 

For example: Oreo ads, Fevicols ads, and many more. 

We remember these ads because they were funny and relatable to the audience and audiences also have some sort of trust in those brands. This brings us to another part of the same point, if brands want to inject humour into their strategy, they must do it in a way that shows they are up to date with current trends and are eager to relate with their audience. But in all these, the important thing is to find relevant content, yet a subtle connection that leads to a brand’s personality. 

Humour Crosses the Boundaries And Communicates With The Audience

Humour is the one thing that does not restrict itself from religious boundaries or ethnicity or any kind of cast boundaries. It brings everyone to the same level playing field and plays with all of them equally. People laugh 30 times more when they see other people can also relate to it equally. Laughter eases tension and forms a sense of unity through groups when brands make their followers laugh through Facebook or Instagram, they help establish a sense of integrity  and build connections with the brands and amongst the fans and followers. And what can be the better way to reach the audience of numerous kinds other than bringing old humour. Humour is the only emotion that does not discriminate between gender or age. It is a much more fun and engaging way to communicate their product with the audience.

Funny Content Spreads Like Forest Fire

One of the most common reasons why brands use humour is that it’s a common denominator in every viral content. And in the world of social media if a brand’s content goes viral that’s the best ROI they can get. In fact, in a study that humour was the universal appeal for making content go viral. Viral content can come from anywhere. Whether it’s from user-generated content, a big brand budget, or an unexpected funny Instagram post. Social media has the power to spread this like a Wildfire. So, a brand should be open-minded when it comes to humorous content. 

People Love The Brand Which Makes Them Laugh

The final and simple reason why humour works in social media is simply that it evokes the emotion of laughter and who doesn’t like to laugh. It is very beneficial for brands because laughter brings people together. Like if a brand creates memorable or humorous content it can easily become a conversation piece in a social meeting. If brands are going to use humour, and cater it to the audience, they have to understand what makes them laugh and if they get successful in it they will subscribe to the brand and look forward to the new content. 


Final Thought

Humour in marketing can be an effective tool if used responsibly. Every marketer is looking to make their content funny but they must understand their target audience. And humour is not just a joke when it comes to content marketing. It can play a very crucial role in winning the hearts of the audience. But in order to create such funny content which can be related to the company, they have to come up with the game plan that allows you to hit the right spot in the people’s heart.

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