Nostalgia as an Effective Marketing Tool

The internet defines Nostalgia as “a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past.” But for the marketers’  nostalgia is a tool to market their product and it is working tremendously. Who doesn’t love that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you see something that reminds you of a thing from the past? That something could be an object or a moment you really cherished or it reminds you of a genuine memory with your loved ones. This sense of nostalgia is being used by savvy marketers with the marketing strategy which is also known as Nostalgia Marketing.


Believe it or not, nostalgia marketing is everywhere. Ever wondered why “Pokemon Go” was such a hit 2 years back? Because all they did was to sell that game on the basis of what can relate to a user’s past memories. Brands such as ‘Paper Boats’ ‘Coca-Cola’ all of them have achieved massive sales through nostalgia marketing. If you are a brand looking to increase your sales and get better leads then you must try this tool in your next marketing campaign. 


So why is this nostalgia so saleable and effective from the marketing and brand’s point of view?

  • Invoke Memory Lane

 One of the best ways to capture the audience’s attention is by helping them remember their best memories from the past. And this can come in many different forms such as old music, famous historical events, old celebrities and even old fads or trends. Take Paper Boat, for example, they market their product by recreating all the things that have been done by 90’s kids and look at how tremendously their advertising campaign works. 


  • Content Feels Authentic

The reason why nostalgia marketing is effective is that it makes advertising and marketing campaigns appear more down-to-earth and authentic. Responses from this kind of marketing are always positive and when brands are authentic, the audience connects well. This kind of marketing is a unique way to show that they care for the different generations of customers who had been using their product for a long time. 


  • Nostalgia Create Engaging Content

Social media platforms are some of the most active websites on the internet, with millions logging in all over the world, each day. With such a wide user base, if a business can create nostalgia posts relevant to the business and do marketing campaigns on social media, it can generate some of the buzzes on the Internet by which the posts might become viral. Only because that post has the most interaction in terms of nostalgic content. 


  • Still “Old Is Gold”

Sometimes, it’s best to look back at the good times and remember the good old days and this is exactly what nostalgia marketing is. Through nostalgia marketing, brands are able to invoke positive emotion among their audience and put their products in the spotlight, therefore, generating more revenue and creating brand awareness. The older audience would enjoy the stroll down to the memory lane and the younger generation would relish their childhood moments with much zeal and enthusiasm. 


  • Nostalgia Makes People feel Good

In one of the researches conducted by a university, it has been found that nostalgia can actually be good for people. According to the university, nostalgia prevents loneliness, boredom, and anxiety. For marketers, nostalgia can have an extremely powerful emotion to get a  hold on to their customers. Nostalgia makes them remember the good old times and remember how all things were different back then. And if a brand can do this by just marketing campaigns people feel that brand can understand them very deeply. 

Final Thoughts 


After years of desperately trying to understand the millennial audience, brands have cracked the way to reach the millennial crowd through nostalgia. With nostalgia marketing, brands are able to establish viral campaigns that generate more buzz and traffic to the web page. if you are looking for some marketing strategy to promote your product then nostalgia is your godfather for marketing your product.

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