How Netflix Became The Most Popular Streaming Website

A few years ago nobody would have imagined Saif Ali Khan doing a television show. But, the technological revolution has taken television to the whole new platform. Ventures like Reliance Jio have brought everyone online in India. Brands like Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar are ranking a huge sum of money while Netflix is chasing aggressively. And the audience is rising substantially. 

When Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph founded Netflix (formerly Known as Kibble)  in 1997, the company appeared to be little more than an upstart DVD rental business whose only real value proposition was the mail-order elements of its operation. Fast forward two decades and Netflix has become one of the biggest TV and Movie studios in the world. How did Netflix go from renting movies to making them in just 20 years? What different they are doing than other streaming services?

Here are the reasons how Netflix has become bigger than Hollywood & Bollywood


  • Global Reach

Today, Netflix is available in more than 190 countries, which makes it one of the most widespread global brand. No matter where you are, you can choose any plan from the platform and watch your favourite media content. 

When Sacred Games was released on July 06 2018, it becomes a rage in a short span of time. This marvellous strategy of penetrating the market by offering local content worked wonders in favour of Netflix India. Similarly, ventures like Lust Stories and Ghoul went on to become one of the first hits on the American entertainment platform. 

  • Low Prices, High Revenue

This is the second reason why it’s become a giant in the industries. The fact that Netflix managers were buying back catalogues at a fraction of the cost is only one aspect of their financial policy. When they began, they also had a flexible return policy by allowing people to return a DVD within a Three day time 

Due to the low-price, high-revenue philosophy, Netflix turned out to be an affordable and reliable source of fun for the entire family. The key point of this strategy is to keep the price of a single package low, and the high revenues will come as a result of numerous subscriptions. Over the years, they have kept a modest price policy, which has attracted millions to use their services. 


  • Algorithm

Netflix has this feature called “You may also like” section based on the accumulated score of one’s viewing experience, including the type of content, watched the keywords searched, the keyword present in the content watched and the places where one paused during the viewing experience. Yes, you heard it right even when you paused the video they put it in their algorithms. 

Youtube also has a similar algorithm. But it plays the next video based on the video you are watching. Read it again, based on the video, not based on the content you are watching. And because of that, this ‘bounce rate’ between videos is high in Youtube and Netflix have a better version of that Algorithm.


  • Wider Platform

Who would have thought you can watch today released movie straight from your phone. Netflix had made it possible by making a kickass mobile version of there website. Some websites are known for only one platform either for desktop or for mobile. But getting success from mobile, desktop, tablet, TV, they want to reach each and every one of people who watch movies and had an electronic device.


  • Original Content

When Unfreedom, a movie based on lesbian romance and religious fundamentals was banned by the censor board, Netflix came forward and become the only online streaming platform to license the film. Acts like these have broadened the horizons, about what was possible portray in India entertainment. Shows like Sacred Games have pushed the envelope further in the genre of television entertainment. 

Netflix has certainly delivered the critically applauded content which was long-awaited by the viewers. And because of this Indian Cinema has also become to make content-driven movies which people are licking and promoting it on a much bigger scale. 


Watching something on Netflix from the comfort of a living room after a hard day at work is a real treat. As the company is still growing, its services are getting even better. At the movement, their subscribers get pretty accurate recommendations on the basis of their watching preference.

Since the original Netflix Production is on the rise, people get high value for money. This has been the philosophy of this streaming service from the very beginning. As such, it contains all the reasons behind Netflix’s success. From this point of view, ut will keep attracting new users in time to come. Moreover, by using a VPN, you can access all the Netflix content you wish from anywhere in the world

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