Digital Health: A Revolution in Healthcare

What is digital health? 

With the widespread digitisation on a global level, the next in line is digital health which is  an essential component of healthcare services. By the term digital health, one can tell that it is merging of digital solutions with healthcare, healthy living and availability of precise medication. Now, this is done to bring more efficiency in the health care facilities provided to the patients and set a revolutionary example for its use by future generations. The chief aim of digital health is to gain higher standards of health and access to services to promote and protect the health of people globally. Certainly, this is a huge step towards healthcare that has never occurred in the history of medicine, because this is the result of technological advancements. 

Need for digital health? 

One can well understand the need of digital health by a fair example. For instance, you have come to visit your relatives who live in a rural area with limited access to medical facilities, far away from your city. During the stay, your mother who is an asthamtic patient falls severely ill due to the dust in the environment. It’s 7 in the evening and all the shops are closed by now.  How will you plan on spending the rest of the night with your mother? Will you travel back to your hometown? Which again is a time taking process. 

This situation can help one clearly analyze the need for digital health especially in rural areas with no or limited healthcare services. Think of it in a way that digital health is accessible to you right in that moment. You would reach out to your phone and get in touch with any of the physicians available. He would then connect to you via online applications and provide the medical care to your sick mother. You can also gain access to home delivery of the required medicine right after the doctor prescribes it to you online. 


Use of digital health in India:

Having the right know-how of digital health is not enough, one must also be aware of the sensible ways in which digital health can be utilized to increase efficiency in healthcare services, here are a few of them: 


  • Get more convenient in communication: With the help of appropriate lines of communication, the patient will not hesitate in reaching out to the physician. This will bring transparency in the procedure and make it more convenient for the patient to approach. A physician can connect through online modes of communication like phone, chat, email, social media channels and so on. The doctor should have his/ her presence on social media for quick guidance and medical care. This way more patients can connect and gain access to healthcare, even remotely. After all, a doctor’ duty is to serve his patient right in every situation, be it digitally. 
  • Display organized information: Gone are the days when the medical records would find themselves in files alone, piled up for the physician for yet another time consuming task of approaching for the right file. With the process of digital health, not only paperwork can be avoided but also the organization of data can be done much more systematically using digital softwares. This will in turn improve the efficiency of the doctor and bring convenience  in the process of medical care.with the aid of proper file management on databases, a doctor can easily find a patient’s health record, gain important information, answer queries, provide the right treatment and so on. The patient management system can also incorporate an EHR system( electronic health record system) which is great for cutting down wasteful tasks of the staff members and they can focus on taking care of their patients. 
  • Input health information from multiple locations: the digital health space is designed in a way that is comfortable and easy to use for the patient. It mainly focuses on patient care and assists them in updating their information related to health from any corner of the world. This facility provided by the digital space is very convenient and meant to enhance the overall patient experience. By this, the patient has access to the information about the treatment that he took or his medical records and also he can make necessary changes to it as per his convenience. 
  • Digital tools for improvised patient experience: the use of everyday digital tools like wearables or various mobile apps can help a provider to get access to individualized health data. This can bring efficiency and preciseness in the working of doctors as now they have data i.e. authentic as well as accurate. Such apps encourage the patients to be more aware about their health and become responsible for it. 
  • Easily share feedback or send queries: A two- way communication is possible through digital space where the patient can easily review the experience on online sites for others to see. This is very important information from a physician’s point of view as one can become better at their service with honest feedback from patients/ customers. In general, online reviews are a plus when considering which commodity to purchase or which service to take up. 


Lastly, it’s great that people are legitimately discussing aspects like digital health in the healthcare industry but what about its implementation for making it a genuine reality. The revolution has just begun but there’s more to it so that it becomes a part of our lives permanently. Spread the word about digital health and make more people aware of it. “the digital healthcare starts here and now” 

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