Common Misconceptions About Video Games

Video games are an amazing form of entertainment for teenagers or the youth population of our country. Video games are here from the ’80s when arcades were the only kind of video game and it was the most hit technology of that time. Since then, video games have come a long way and become the most integrated part of human culture. As time passes, technology grows along with its advancements and video games also continue to evolve. It’s easy to see why it has been misunderstood for so long. If you haven’t had an experience of playing a video game, it is pretty unsettling to watch someone play. 

Gamers can often give the impression that they are glued to the screen. It feels like they are obsessed with it, like some junk food. No matter how hard non-gamers try to understand, they always think it is a waste of time and a pointless thing to do. Such misconceptions are very misleading, and it doesn’t help you understand the other side of the story. 

So let us go through some of the most common misconceptions about video games and understand why that is not true. 


  • Video Games Are For Men

This is the most stereotypical thing about gamers. That is made for the entertainment of boys. Historically, the target market for video games is male. But in the past few decades, there has been an increase in the percentage of women playing video games and it is increasing. Numbers are about even by now. Not every woman subscribes to video games, just like not all men like to play video games. But this misconception about “Video games are only for men” is as flawed as Bloods in video games.


  • Video Games Caused Us To Become More Violent.

This is one of the most common misconceptions about video games among parents and also among teachers that ‘violent video games cause violence in mind’. And this misconception is all around the world, which is not at all true. Whenever there is an incident related to the mass shooting in schools or anywhere else. The news analytics directly jump onto the Video games like GTA, Call Of Duty, etc. games which are related to violence. Research has shown that this is not the case all the time 

  • Video Games Can Be Confused For Reality

It’s not surprising at all that people think games can be confused by reality. And after this VR (Virtual Reality) games coming in to picture this belief are getting stronger. In reality, players know their games are not real, these are just games. Players might talk like they are living the game in real life, just because they are so passionate about it. Most of the game may contain real-world context or taken from the real world and create an environment that feels like an original world. 


  • Games Made By Only Coders

There are many stereotypes for players who play games. But there are many misconceptions about the people that make games. People think only coders are the one who makes games, there are more than just coders and programmers that make video games. There are also Music composers, writers, graphic designers, testers, and many other roles involved with producing the final product we play. Then there is a constant update on the game that developers have to work on for the better experience. So once the game has released the work for all of them increases. 

  • Gaming Lead to Social Distancing

When you hear the word gamers, you immediately hear teenage nerds with acne in front of the monitor with junk food lying around them. They have no social life, few friends, and a little athletic ability. That is how the gamer is a portrait by popular media houses. In fact, most people who play video games are adults and females make up a large portion of gamers. People that play video games are actually a lot more social than you can imagine. Many video games are made today to involve a social segment. Most games released today are cooperative, or multilayer. So this claim is also not true. In fact, gamers can interact with strangers more easily than other people. 

Final Thoughts


These are just a few stereotypes that revolve around the Video games. Games have always been surrounded by tons of false beliefs. We are happy to debunk the misconceptions about these games and make sure that no false information reaches you about innocent video games. Games are here to make people have a good time not to make them violent by nature. Although, one can see why it is misunderstood if that person has not spent time playing any video games.


Video Games do not cause violence, Lag on those games does. 

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