The field of telemedicine has shown a tremendous evolution since a decade or two. After the digital revolution, adoption of technology has become quite inevitable in every field of operation be it law, medicine and so on. Telemedicine enables a doctor to treat patients remotely with use of commendable technology via computer screens. Undoubtedly, the havoc caused by the pandemic amongst people can be tackled by optimum use of telemedicine. It is the need of the hour to remove all barriers that occur while implementing the telemedicine setup. For that, let us go through some of the unheard barriers of telemedicine one by one. 

Breach of security:

The kind of information that is being circulated in healthcare is quite sensitive and needs to be kept confidential, personal medical records of individuals are a huge point of concern. With the use of technology for telemedicine consultancy, there are numerous softwares which help a provider in connecting with the physician. Not all of these applications can be considered secure when it comes to sharing authentic information over the internet. Communication between a doctor and a patient is enabled through video calls, text, phone calls and so on. Well, the question is who is held responsible for keeping a check on the safety of these online applications of connectivity. 


Physician Licensing:

Physicians have to face certain restrictions while treating patients across state borders, although telemedicine gives full permit to doctors for the same but only after possessing a license. This consultancy service is to serve the people living in rural areas and provide them with health care but the state regulation acts as an intervention in such cases. Not only does it keep the license acquiring process time consuming for the doctors but also a bit hard on your pocket. The amount of inconvenience caused in this procedure is a stern barrier in the implementation of telemedicine services nationwide. 

Provider Reimbursement:

The fee eventually falls on the hospitals in case the private payers decide not to reimburse the amount for telemedicine. In rare cases do the hospitals manage to get grants otherwise it becomes a matter of loss even for the big medical organizations. Moreover, the physicians do not get the fees as they would for the onsite services which becomes a roadblock in the path of the evolution of telemedicine. If only the regulations were implemented for the same, the telemedicine industry would boom in no time. 


There’s still a long way to go for telehealth to become a developed industry full of advanced versions and implications. This can only happen if the above mentioned barriers are overcome with time. Well, it is quite uncertain and impractical to expect that change to happen in a year or two but the future looks promising for the telemedicine industry. There are a lot of expectations that come along with healthcare as we are well aware of the rising digitisation of all kinds of services. Let’s take a look at how the future would be of this particular industry.


Future of telemedicine: 


Online medical centres:

It’s quite ordinary to expect medical centres to go online in the coming years, with digital monitoring devices and video conferencing. This way physicians  are going to treat patients with ease and full accessibility. A group of physicians will provide all they could only remotely without being physically present with their patients. It would not harm the treatment process in any way as the country would have seen many developments by then. 

Great acceptance:

There will be less hesitation about the novel concept of telemedicine in the coming years. Once the patients get used to this system, there is probably no going back. People will forge ahead with the technology with full acknowledgement and acceptance. From a physician’s point of view, their workload will decrease leading to more efficiency at work.

Collaboration with healthsystem:

with use of advanced technology, electronic medical records will be produced for patients who are at a far off location. This advancement alone could bring surefire results in the success of telemedicine. Furthermore, there will be an automated billing system to provide full convenience to the patients as well as doctors. 

Strengthen doctor-patient relationship:

After the patient gets accessibility and care even from a distance, there will be a sense of security and fulfillment by getting desired treatment. In this manner, the doctor patient relations will get a chance to get strong over time and bring great synchronization with the help of technology. 

The future of the telemedicine industry looks quite tremendous and this phase will soon be a normalised part of our lives. This will be a revolutionary step in healthcare to treat patients better, even remotely. Let us all hope for a bright future ahead in medical care so that more lives can be saved and treated with more accessibility and care. 

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