An insight into the Medico Legal Cases

Medical Profession is one of the most reputed and sanctified professions in the world. Doctors have the greatest responsibility for the patient’s life and its related outcomes. 

The doctor-patient relationship is based on mutual trust and confidence between them. However, Commercialization and Corporatization have somewhat corrupted the Medical organization. Therefore, having proper knowledge of the legal aspects of medicine is as important as clinical skills for medical professionals. 

A medico-legal case is known as cases of injury or ailment. It is a Medical case with the legal involvement of a Doctor. In any of the medico-legal cases, it is the lawful duty of the doctors to report it to the nearest Police station immediately after the lifesaving Medical care.

Following are some of the cases that can be recognised as the Medico-legal cases:


  • All Vehicular Accidents 
  • All Factory or unnatural accident 
  • Cases especially where patients are in life and death situation 
  • And many more 


People are generally unaware of the rights they have against the mishaps in the hospitals and clinics. Most citizens think whatever happening in the medical world is none of their business which is totally wrong. In recent years there are cases in the medical world that people and as well as doctors should know about which will help them in understanding their rights and their duty towards the nation clearly.


Following are some cases in recent years that most people are not aware of: 



  • Deepak Ruwali vs State And Others on 20 July 2018
  • Lakhan Dharma Gaikwad vs The State Of Maharashtra on 1 October 2019
  • The United India Insurance Co. Vs Smt. Potro Vijaya Lakshmi on 5 May 2010
  • Mr.Amitkumar Vs All India Institute Of Medical and Science on 8 December 2010


Except this, there are several other cases which are registered under the Medico-legal act.


 In a country like India where 130,000 deaths occur annually due to road and traffic accidents, 53% of women suffer from domestic violence which leads to some serious injuries. It is very important that the hospital and law work hand in hand for such causes. A notable act was enacted in the interest of the consumers known as the Consumer protection act or CPA in 1986 to safeguard the consumers. Little is known as to why it got neglected in the medical field in spite of the fact that it was applied fairly to other sectors.


Medico-legal cases must be taken care of by law authorities who acknowledge and address the scenario, have expertise in defending what is right in a law court. Big Hospitals have their own Medico-legal team to deal with such problems with a separate institution that is providing the consultancy. Usually GIVES offer services like Proper Documentation, timely information, stepwise procedure to tackle legal issues and get them sorted. 


If you want Medico-legal consultants to help you with any issues or want to learn more about the unknown field of Medico-legal by profound lawyers, please visit  

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