Veganism : A trending ism after Buddhism!

 A guide to know everything about vegan diets and habits in one go.


  • What is Veganism?


Veganism is a type of vegetarian diet which feeds on all the plant and plant related eatables excluding meat, eggs ,dairy products and other foods we get from animals.

It is also called as the eco friendly diet because it causes no harm to the wildlife. 

The foods which are eaten are termed as Vegan foods and the person who follows the path of vegetarian is termed as Vegan.


  • What are the Types of Veganism ?


There are some types of Veganism in the present times based on how people adopt this lifestyle  – 


Ethical Veganism

It is also known as Moral veganism. They are like dietary vegans , eating plant and plant based products. But they avoid every contact which is around animal exploitation. Be it woollen clothing, leather accessories , silk scarves and what else! They don’t even use products tested on animals.


Environmental Veganism

This kind of veganism not only eats plant based food but also focuses on environmental protection with full enthusiasm and dedication. Their main motive is to protect mother nature and spread as much veganism as they can.


Feminist Veganism 

Linking the situations of animal exploitation with that of the woman in some societies , and then opting for a plant based diet is termed as Feminist Veganism. Western countries are found to go for such kind of veganism to fight against domestic violence. 


Religious Veganism

The  habit of eating an eco-friendly diet is based on some dharmic traditions, and often based on some mythological facts. This type of veganism often comprises people who are continuing Jainism , Buddhism or Hinduism.

  • What are the benefits of turning Vegan ?

Here are the key benefits of eating Vegan diet :- 


When you opt for a vegan lifestyle, the major benefit is an eco-friendly diet. It involves food made from plants or plant products.Dairy products and eggs are strictly not in the queue as we get them from animals. As a result of this, the animal exploitation is decreased and we get a healthy environment. 

It’s more like living life of a herbivore but with an ability of a superhero to save the world. Veganism has so far saved a hundred gallons of water and pounds of harmful gases emissions. If one person begins this kind of diet daily , this place will see remarkable results in due course of time. So , this time , Go Vegan. 


Doctors and dieticians have seen instant weight reduction in those people who started eating vegan foods than from the ones who consume a regular diet. Because of a higher vitamin count and omega-3 fatty acids present, it is very beneficial for health. Even for problems on a hormonal basis, it’s a win win situation. Every time something gets trending, either we curse it or we try it out. Since it’s about your health , we recommend you to jump on the bandwagon and see if it’s a blessing or a curse!


We all are working for a healthy body but most of us are looking for a healthy mind. They want to achieve perception but somewhere their eating lifestyle is not adding up to the ultimate goal .Going vegan makes a person feel better as the assurance of causing harm to no one around is second to none. The intoxicating feeling of positivity and a powerful vibration is the sign of a healthier soul. Once you start eating green, the detoxification is visible in and out. Your thoughts,ideas,and aura get powerful with time and you discover harmony within your surroundings.

All over the world , Vegan lifestyle is a trend now. It benefits you physically,mentally and spiritually. What you gain is far greater than what you give up. So , this time, Eat Vegan and walk towards a healthier future.

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