Myths Around Digital Marketing You Should Stop Believing

Marketing is ever-evolving. New tools, platforms and techniques are emerging every day and it’s an exciting time to be in the industry. Except there’s one problem. With all the information flying around, there have been a few cases where bits of information have been less than accurate. This is dangerous and can lead to confusion, misinformation and campaign misfire.


Digital marketing misconception and myth often bog down the beauty of digital marketing. While digital marketing is a necessity for a business to sell its product and services online, the misconceptions surrounding it often hold back business owners from engaging online and maximizing returns.


You worked hard to set up your small business or clinic for your practice on the map of the business. But you’re not using Social Media to advertise your service just because of some myths you believe in. So let us just tackle some most famous misconceptions about Digital media and break those myths down.


Digital Marketing Is Technical Aspect


The myth surrounding digital marketing is that it is a purely technical feature and sole responsibility of a computer specialist. However, besides being a practical technological tool, digital marketing is a crucial marketing skill and has to be embraced and adopted by every person in the company at all stages. But do not make a mistake of thinking traditional marketing is now a thing of the past. Yes, technology is key in digital marketing but it will be wise to merge it with your exciting traditional marketing practices like TV and radio commercials, newspaper, networking, etc. 


Digital Marketing Can Only Work For Few Industries


Let just make one thing clear, whatever industry your business is in, your target customer is bound to be online somewhere. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your product or services aren’t too exciting or glamorous for you to profit from social media. Digital marketing work for big and small businesses alike. You don’t need a call centre to engage and communicate with customers, you can sell your product directly to a global consumer base without having to establish a physical shop. And, most importantly, digital marketing will fetch you valuable insights and data regarding the buying preferences of your customers. Thus, you don’t need backup from any marketing research agency. 


Bad Review On Social Media Is Bad For Business


Out of many digital marketing misconceptions, we can not stress enough on the untruthfulness of this one. Legitimate customer complaints regarding your product or services should be addressed directly and considered a valuable opportunity for business improvisation. Instead of covering genuine concern and comments from customers, the company should provide a helpful response, with subsequent internal follow-up on that issue. Of course, it is emotionally hard to see bad comments on something you have worked so hard to build but use this to your advantage. Responding well and timely to legitimate concerns will do you a world of good in creating brand value. 


My Competition Isn’t Online, So I Don’t Need To Be


This is the common mistake done by most of the small businesses. If your competitor is not online then it is the best chance to tap into the Internet market for more customers. It’s important to stay ahead of the competition and also in the curve when it comes to digital marketing. Just because your competitors aren’t taking the necessary steps to remain relevant doesn’t mean you should allow your business to make the same mistake. Not being online means missing out on a whole world of new customers you can potentially reach. 


You Need a Huge Marketing Budget To Be successful


No matter what your business type is, or what your budget may be, there is a marketing option available out there for everyone. Not every business has large sums of money to spend on marketing campaigns, nor is it wholly necessary. In fact, marketing to a huge customer base is not effective has it used to be. The more narrowly your business can narrow its market, the better result you will see. Just try and focus on which platform and tools will be beneficial to your business. You don’t need to invest in everything to be successful, just invest in what’s right for you. 

Final Thoughts


There are plenty of digital marketing myths out there, and there will be more added to the list over time. Online marketing can be scary to a lot of people because it is new. However, with the right strategy, it is sure to help your business to grow in a way you never thought or expected

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