Importance of Building a Brand Story

While browsing through your social feed, have you ever felt a strong urge to stop and notice a particular piece of content? As you go through it, You realize getting pulled into an awesome world of information that you never knew existed!  Next thing you know you are a regular visitor to that blog/site and subsequently, you become a raving fan. A fan who can’t stop talking about this amazing blog that really connected with you and you want others to have the same experience. 


Let’s just take a step back and think about it. Why do people get attracted to a certain brand or certain type of content, what do they have that other lacks? It all comes down to one thing and that is Humanising the brand and the organization by creating the story about the brand or around the brand. Most of today’s top-notch marketers have adapted their marketing style according to the consumers’ behavior. Stories have always been interesting. Kids love them, our friends love them and even you love them. Good stories are truly powerful attention-grabbers. Smart marketers and copywriters manage to connect stories with brands, products, and services. Sharing your brand story honestly and transparently lets people behind the curtain, demonstrating both your confidence and vulnerability both of which make people more eager to engage with you.

Let’s begin exploring 5 of the most important advantages that building brand stories bring to the business organization. 

People Connect More With Stories 

A brand story has the power to forge valuable connections with consumers.  For brands starting out, an origin story is necessary to establish the emotional trajectory of the brand. When we meet new people, we often ask, ‘Where are you from?’ followed by, ‘What do you do?’ Knowing the origin of a person or a brand helps to create common ground and establish trust. It shows that the brand is more than a sales pitch. It’s a reality that has shared values and beliefs. There is a number of social media platforms that companies use to share their stories. The platforms and distribution channels have changed during the course of time but the rules of Good Storytelling have not.  It’s always been the right from the oral traditions to written content to blogs and persists even though the latest form of Micro-content (Instagram Stories). 

Stories are Universals 

Imagine a client presentation, where you start going through the technicalities of your work through a number of slides using industry jargon and stats. The cold facts have been shared, but you don’t feel the connection with the audience that you had anticipated. Worst is they didn’t feel connected to You – the presenter. Wonder what went wrong? Complex concepts can be simplified by narrating in a story format. This really enables us to slice through differences like age, religion, community, gender, and rally the audience around the core message. Storytelling is a great way to humanize your brand and make it more approachable. Remember. everyone loves a good story. 

Story Humanize the Brand 

A brand story can do much more than connect with the audience, it gets you noticed in the jungle of competitors and also has the potential to create major impact. In today’s day and age, marketing is no longer the key competitive differentiator. Consumers are increasingly demanding for companies to prove how their efforts are making an impact, supporting a cause, and achieving results beyond just profit. Ironically, knowing that a company cares about something other than their own profit is the reason that it gets the quality of human and people start sympathizing with the brand. 

Story Builds More Than Customers, It Builds Community 

It becomes very important at this time to just gain customers but to build a loyal community that supports the brand like their own. Take Apple, for example. They sell technology, but from the beginning, their audience needed to feel that it was okay to be brave, bold, and think differently from the crowd. Tesla’s customers need to feel that it’s worthwhile to support the environment and sustainable energy. That’s how the brand connects with the audience by not just the great product or services but also by the great story of success and failure just like any other being. For a brand to take off, it needs to become so much more than your product and service and that’s where storytelling comes in. Think about what emotions, values, and ideas you can offer your audience.

Story Grabs Attention To the Brand

With the vast amount of choice, consumers have today, it’s often not the rational differentiators that make a product or service stand out. It’s how it makes consumers feel, which comes down to the brand’s story. And a brand can grab eyeballs from various different platforms. Numerous platforms mean numerous opportunities to stand out. But this also means there are others competing for audience attention in the same space. The best way to break through all the noise and get your word out is Pure Storytelling.

Final Thoughts 

Giving the brand an emotional value is hard but that is what it makes more interesting. Nowadays brands are not here just to sell their products and services for the sake of profit, brands are here to make an impact by the profit in the side. Storytelling is the most used word in the jungle of marketing. But storytelling in the advertising will be useless if the brand itself doesn’t have a story.

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