Internet of Things vs Internet of Everything

The IoT is used to describe the interconnectedness of physical devices with digital devices.

The Important thing to note here is that the internet of everything is a much wider term than the internet of things. It comprises data, people, things, and processes. 

Both terms have different meanings and implications and cannot be used interchangeably. 

The internet of things can soon be replaced with the internet of everything as a whole term, keeping in view the advancements that are coming along in this technology sector. 

Internet of things(IoT):

The internet of things is basically making the physical devices connected with the internet to enable communication and sharing of information. The IoT is here to change people’s lives and make the world a better place to live in. it encompasses hardware such as smart speakers, home assistance, smart thermostats which have internet connectivity in them and are able to exchange information/ data from time to time. The transformation of the Internet of things(IoT) to the Internet of Everything(IoE) is happening quickly as now it also includes AI, ML, and other forms of intelligent data. 

With this formation of a union between the physical and digital world, the IoT is able to serve in the best way possible. Therefore, any physical object has the ability to get converted into a powerful IoT device and communicate the information in the required manner. The chief goal is to make such a device work with IoT that otherwise wouldn’t be expected of running with an internet connection. Few instances of IoT devices could be smartwatches or other devices in wearable technology but not a PC or a smartphone.

Internet of Everything (IoE):

The Internet of Everything refers to “ The powerful connection of people, process, data and things.” it is the father of IoT as it contains what all is there in the Internet of Things, in fact more than that. The other four chief elements of IoE are known to be:  

  • People: People/users are referred to as the end nodes that are being connected through internet services. 
  • Processes: Processes make sure that the correct piece of information is circulated to avoid manipulation of data. 
  • Data: The raw data is studied and utilized in bringing new solutions to the table. 
  • Things: Things consist of physical devices embedded with sensors for enabling the generation of the data. 

The system of IoE is more complex as compared to IoE as it depends on the Machine to Machine type of communication. It is inclusive of people and processes. The main idea behind the Internet of Everything(IoE) is building up a connection between people and devices. The IoE says that everything will be connected to each other in the coming future and that no device would be deprived of internet connectivity. The machines will be smarter as there will be increased accessibility in their system that will enable users to live comfortably. The legitimate Internet of Everything(IoE) entails powerful elements like sensors and interfaces that are used in remote appliances and intelligent mobile devices, industrial Machine Learning Systems, and other sorts of automated hardware. 

What is better? 

It is very weird to ask the question that, “what is actually better?” or what holds more importance? Because these concepts however possess different meanings but do have the link with each other. If one is a parent then another is the child, which is IoE and IoT respectively. Both have their roles to play in the internet world and are here to transform the future of the internet systems by bringing more connectivity in the years to come. 

It is therefore very stupid to consider one of the elements as better. They both go hand in hand and only by progression in the elements can these technologies together make a real difference. The internet of things certainly fits well in the evolutions of the Internet of Everything. 

Therefore, the Internet of Everything is concerned with just the broader view of what the Internet of Things is at present. There is no doubt that IoT is leveraging every possible industry and bringing more network opportunities for profound working within the organizations. This revolution of both IoT as well as IoE will soon reach new heights of transformation. And so the debate ends here. 

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