A comprehensive list of health tech startups in India that will inspire you to the core!

The Indian market of medicine and healthcare has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, forging ahead with the adoption of the latest technologies like AI and Machine Learning. Drastic changes in the healthcare system signify the efforts put into shaping a strong structure for healthcare. New innovations are always on the go and our country has always stood by these creators and gave them the opportunity to experiment with the system. Our country acknowledges the needs and wants of its citizen and therefore its decision-making policy is focused on the welfare of the society. 

A fact to be stated first, the health-tech sector in India recorded total funding of $586.93 million in the year 2019. We are well aware of the fact that startups play an important role in changing the face of the various sectors of our economy. The healthcare sector is no longer kept in negligence and the health-tech startups are working with the aim of transforming this sector, especially. To overcome the new challenges in the current scenario, it is imperative that technology and automation become a part of the Indian healthcare system and serve for its very purpose.

Given below is a brief list of the health-tech startups that have emerged over time in India: 


  • 5C network: This startup was founded by Kalyan Sivasailam and Syed Ahmad in the year 2016. It is backed by AI tools and its main task is to take digital copies of radiology scans and get them interpreted by experts of radiology. It makes the process quicker and more accurate as it runs by modern technology enabling its functions for the healthcare providers. This startup is gaining popularity day by day and till now it has worked with 500 hospitals and 6 lakh patients all over India. It claims to have a collective presence in cities like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Assam, and so on. It is the first digital healthcare startup and it aims to deliver its quality services in remote areas with the aid of technology. 



  • Ekincare: Ekincare is an entirely AI-powered integrated health benefits platform and it is helping businesses in monitoring the health of their employees. The data gathered by Ekincare is helpful for insurance companies in prior risk assessment. Moreover, it results in reduced insurance premiums by the employees in the future. There is a greater need for innovation in the use of better and robust technology in the healthcare sector. With the rising patient demands and lifestyle-related diseases, the cost of providing healthcare has also increased. Ekin was founded in 2014 by Kiran Kalakuntla for transforming the future of heaiclth and wellness. 



  • Elucidata: The health-tech startup Elucidata was founded by Abhishek Jha and Swetabh Pathak in the year 2015. With the aid of Elucidata’s SaaS offering known as Polly, the time taken from raw data to insights has reduced with these workflows. The set of four workflows consists of ingestion, process, enabling interpretation, and collaboration on the metabolomics dataset. This DIY tool or managed service has around 150 users from over 50 organizations across the globe. Its future plans are that of putting more than 100 workflows additionally to give their part in evolving research in healthcare over the globe. 



  • Impact Guru: Impact Guru is a health-tech startup/ digital platform that was founded by Piyush Jain and Khusbhu Jain in the year 2015. It uses the power of platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook by combining crowdfunding principles so that people can raise money to cover expenses. The startup openly claims to have served over 6K patients in raising funds from 400K donors. The company charges 8%fees of total funds raised with no upfront fees for its customers. Their aim is to be Asia’s largest healthcare funding platform, except for China. 


  • mFIne: mFine is an AI-powered online doctor consultation application founded in the year 2017. It provides digital services, offering a similar experience as in a physical hospital journey but by being at home. It gives the best patient experience by its multi-set of services like initial diagnosis, video consultation with a specialized doctor, e-prescription on mobile, pharmacy services, medication delivery and home and after-care services. It provides its on-ground services in Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Delhi.

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