Are you stressed , sick or maybe anxious? Yoga is the solution to all your problem


 What is Yoga ?

The term ‘yoga’ came from a sanskrit word pronounced as ‘Yog’.Yoga is defined as a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines. Yoga in the western culture is taught to be the science and practise of various postures (asanas) and is taken as another form of exercise. Out of India , Yoga is used as a stress reliever and fitness technique for a healthy body. 

Origin of Yoga –

The origin of Yoga was around 5,000 years ago but some researchers convey that the origin of yoga can be around 10,000 years ago. The word Yoga was mentioned first by the very holy, Rig Veda. Rig Veda is one of the four Vedas which is a collection of mantras , songs and rituals by vedic priests. Information and reference about Yoga was also found in Upanishads. 

However , the origin of Modern Yoga was done by Patanjali. He made a collection of 196 sutras. With such a massive contribution to the world , he got named as the Father of Yoga. 

Patanjali’s Yoga records are indeed very tremendous and varied with all focus on a single aim. With the chief objective of connecting the human spirit with the divine.

From his constant benefactions and dedications, he brought a revolution to the fitness arena.

Types of Yoga –


Hatha Yoga : 

‘Hatha’ means force and this type of yoga is defined as the one which includes force and physical strength.

Bikram Yoga :

 It is a type of yoga which is a set series of postures and breathing exercises performed in a room heated at a very high temperature. It consists of 6 positions.

Vinyasa Yoga : 

A form of yoga which creates dynamic sequences with the breathing of the body in a synchronised manner. This type of yoga is very popular in the western culture.

Iyengar Yoga :

It is another type of yoga which is focused on the structural alignment of the body by different postures and asanas. Usage of some props is also executed in this form of yoga.

Kundalini Yoga :

Type of yoga combination made of spiritual and physical practises. This kind of yoga leads to awakening in a person because of continuous chanting. Kundalini yoga should always be done under an instructor as it is very complex.

Ashtanga Yoga : 

Also called the ‘eight-limbed yoga’ is a form of yoga which enables the body to detoxify itself by producing internal heat by some specific postures and breathing processes.

What are the benefits of practicing Yoga?

There are thousands of golden points on why you should say Yes to Yoga daily but some are here which are actually thought provoking. 

Better Metabolism Practising yoga makes you work on some certain positions which help in regulation of the metabolism and ends up solving major digestive issues. Eating oily foods ? Don’t worry. Just spend a few minutes on your yoga class and you’re all good to go.

Cheerful Mood – Oxytocin and Endorphins are hormones which play a vital role for a joyous mood. The Release of happy hormones is felt by many yoga practitioners. So if you are sad , just make some postures and you will be all about glee and pleasure.

Strength Regaining – If you have suffered from a terrible injury and want to heal faster , yoga should be in your daily practice. It helps you regain your strength and restore the power. 

Elevated Flexibility – Once you have started practising yoga on a serious note, you will experience wondrous improvement. It will lead you to tremendous flexibility. Working out in the name of yoga for weeks is the best way to achieve unbelievable elasticity.

Healthy Heart Whoever is suffering from cardiac issues or has just come out of a post therapy phase, yoga is going to amp up your healing process. It will make sure that your heart works even better with optimised functioning and a balanced blood flow to the whole body.

Weight Reduction – Yoga is to exercise, exercise is to Weight reduction!

Yoga on a prolonged basis is guaranteed to have reduced the weight of the practitioner. Many doctors recommend Yoga practise than to focus on a diet so that it benefits them all over.

Energised Body –  Be it hitting the gym , going for a run and a dancing session , all of them make you feel tired. But Yoga? Yoga acts contrastingly the energy generator for the body. Once you’ve had a yoga session for a few moments, your body gets all charged up to deal with the following hours like a pro.

Crystallised Concentration – Feeling inattentive and lost ? Unable to concentrate properly ? Yoga helps you attain mindfulness and 100% focus on any situation or element of your daily life. All you need to do is, find some time, take your mat, and start doing kinds of yoga and achieve targets. In a few minutes you will have a charged up mind and eventually an undisturbed concentration.

Yoga or any physical activity is important for a healthy being. If you’re not able to arrange your schedule for the whole week, try practising it for four days out of seven and you’ll get addicted to the state of euphoria you feel while executing certain asanas. Within a few weeks duration, your body will start responding positively and you will be at it with full determination.

Till then , keep practising and keep focusing on the soul inside you because Yoga is the journey to the self , through the self and to the self.

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