Food and Nutrition has always been the most useful component of human life. It’s the backbone of every person’s well being and its knowledge is a must for everyone out there. 

With the right diet and appropriate nutrition, one can get the perfect healthy body with a fine glow that speaks about your charm. 

8 out of 10 people are health conscious today. It’s all about eating right ,staying fit and working on possessing a good physique along with better posture. With such tremendous growth in this field , some habits are thought provoking.Although everybody is running for a healthy body, there are some current trends which are blowing up charts!


Gluten free diet –

  Gluten is a mixture of two proteins present in cereal grains , especially wheat, which is responsible for the elastic texture of dough. But it is a very common problematic element for celiac patients. People with any gluten related condition, opt for gluten free foods and often south indian cuisine is preferred to have a sufficient and balanced nutrition.  According to Healthline, 0.5-6% of the global population is suffering from gluten sensitivity. Hence, with more people being aware of celiac issues, going gluten free is becoming a trend!



Veganism is a type of vegetarian diet which feeds on all the plant and plant related eatables excluding meat, eggs ,dairy products and other foods we get from animals. It is also called as the eco friendly diet which ensures environmental safety and no harm to the animals. This kind of diet helps you fight many diseases and prevent kidney ailments. Going vegan also helps in weight reduction and that is why these days it is very common among fitness freaks!


Digestive Wellness

No matter how tempting the fries are looking or how much you are craving for that exotic pasta. Digestive heath is the priority and a massive trend this 2020. Having gastrointestinal issues hampers all your productivity. Maintaining a healthy gut is the solution to most of your health problems. There are people who have started taking probiotics to have a happy stomach and eventually a healthy body. Keeping your inner abdomen fine and your colon smooth is the top most priority for now.


Say no to regular dairy

There were days when people used to drink litres of milk at one go to keep their body fit and fine. But with the passing time, a problem named lactose intolerance got introduced and ended up in most of the humans of the present time. Because of that, the majority of the population started avoiding dairy and milk products. To solve this  issue, almond milk and oat milk came to the rescue! These days , cow milk is somewhere a part of people’s diet but almond milk and oat milk are indeed the trendsetters!


No Sugar, Yes Honey

The shortest horror story today – How many spoons of sugar ?

Earlier sugar was the most important part of our diet and the most vital too. But, with constant upgradation in our eating habits, sugar is replaced by honey. It is because honey has lower levels of fructose and is less harsh on the digestive system as compared to sugar which is comparatively a beast for our gut if not consumed in the right amount. Although sugar sounds sweet, honey is now the word of 2020!

Today , more than 95% of all chronic diseases are caused by food choice , toxic food ingredients , nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical exercise. – Myke Adams 

So , follow the wave and get better, adopt a healthy lifestyle and be the TRENDSETTER.

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