Why are Community Gardens Essential?

As a species whose ancestors were Travelers, Inventors, Farmers, Pioneers. Who use to live their intense life with the utmost difficulty, yet they survive to tell their stories. And there is an unlimited thing that we can learn from their stories. There are two things we learn from our ancestor’s stories, first Farming is in our blood and second Human race have survived because of communities.

No matter which part of the world you live in, communities are essential. Communities give you a sense of responsibility towards society and make you feel safe when you belong to some communities. As the population started migrating to urban areas, the culture of communities started disappearing. To keep the communities alive in the urban cities also, people come up with the ‘Community Garden’.

 So let’s uncover the mystery behind the Community garden and understand why it is essential to us.

What is a Community Garden?

“A Garden is a Lovesome thing”

A community garden is a shared, public space where people in surrounding neighbourhoods share the work and harvest of maintaining garden fruit, vegetables, flowers or even livestock. Working in a vegetable garden is a lot of fun whether it’s digging for potatoes or pulling up funny shaped carrots. People can grow vegetables of their choice and can have a connection to their food chain.

A community garden may differ from area to area. Some may solely grow flowers while others grow vegetables or a combination of both. The common thread, however, is that community gardens are actively maintained by the gardener themselves.

6 Insane Benefits of Community Garden.


Beautifying Cities

Cities which are always covered with concrete Jungles. if there will be a small garden, it gives some character to that city. Many community gardens sit on what were once vacant lots filled with rubbish. when urban gardens take over, they clear away the debris and replace it with lush greenery. There’s even evidence that having a community garden increases property value in surrounding areas.

It takes Huge Number of people to Maintain Garden

When people gather together to maintain a garden. The community will form undoubtedly. And the community will be stronger and more resourceful.  And when people come together from various parts of the neighbourhood you get to meet various kinds of people. People that might help the community in another way

For example, people like Doctors, Lawers, businessmen, etc which might help the community or the people of the community in many other ways

It is a Place to Discover your Creativity 

Participating at, or even visiting, a community garden provides the opportunity to learn experienced gardeners. Walkthrough a community garden with someone who gardens there, and you will likely end up full of the question for him or her

A Cleaner Environment. 

The plants in a community garden add oxygen to the air and help reduce air pollution. They also absorb rainwater, reducing the amount of runoff that runs through the streets and carries pollution into the rivers and lakes. Many community gardens also take part in composting, recycling plant waste such as leaves and tree trimming into useful fertilizer.

Stronger Communities

Sharing a community garden gives people a chance to connect with their neighbours. Gardeners also feel more personally invested in the places where they live, gaining a sense of ownership and community spirit. And because they get people out of their apartments where they can keep on their street, a community garden can help reduce crime in the surrounding neighbourhood

Unique Ways To start a Community Garden.

Now that you know how a community helps a society to grow and there are some kickass benefits of Community Gardens. You must want to start your own community garden with the help of your neighbours. And there are ways from which you can start building a community for the Garden.

Here are some of the ways.

Start talking about community gardens

Find some Land 

Research any available allowances in your area

Start compost Heap 

Build a fence around it

Organise a watering schedule.

You may need to create an informal Board

Start having functions in that garden

These are some of the simple ways you can create a community garden and maintain them successfully.

Final Thoughts

Studies have proved that these community garden spaces are essential for the physical social and mental health and hence appropriate direction and approach may be made during city planning and details planning help the communities to achieve a healthier lifestyle 

The community gardens are an essential means to reconnect people today with nature. Landscape architecture today should try to either allocate land in their project or guide local people to understand the importance of the sustainable garden in the development of the city.

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