Sweet Poison You’re Consuming Every Day.

The first thing I need in the morning to kick start my system is Tea with 2 spoons of sugar in it. Otherwise, I couldn’t have been writing this and won’t be able to tell you what I have just learned. I learned sugar is not that bad of a villain we think it is. Sugar helps our body to function properly. Sugars are an important source of energy because it forms glucose. And with glucose being the most important for our body 

Did you know that our brain requires around 130 grams of sugar per day to keep functioning? I guess now I have better points to argue with when next time my mom stops me to put that 2nd spoon of sugar in my Tea.

Then there are dishes like Cake, Doughnuts, Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, etc. How can these dishes harm our body in any way? They are so Sweet.

But “Anything in excess is a poison” That’s why Doctors speak against it, that’s the reason why mom scolds me whenever I put that extra spoon of sugar.

We consume sugars in all sorts of forms. Naturally Occurs sugar such as those found in fruits, and lactose, or milk sugar, comes from the sources that benefit our diet. However, the sugar in drinks, candy, etc. Called added sugars, and viewed as determined to a healthy diet.

How can someone tell if they are having an excessive amount of sugar or not? There are certain symptoms by looking at which you can say if there is a high intake of sugar or not.such as

    • Premature ageing 
    • Constant Craving
    • Low Energy
    • Unexplained Bloating
    • Weakened Immune System   
    • Insomnia 
    • Weight Gain

There are 100 of symptoms that can be seen with a higher intake of sugar

Especially during this period, where we all are sitting inside our house with no movement and there is a huge spike in our intake of sugar. Which is not good for the body and there will be huge problems with our health in the future.

That’s the scariest thing with the sugar. We never see the harm coming, it will swipe in like a ‘Sweet Poison’;

The sole job of all the poison is to kill the being whoever consumes that poison. But sugar is the deadliest poison because it takes time to kill the host and they do it in a very stealth mode. 

No matter what you call it, sugar is sugar, and in excess, it can negatively affect your body in many ways. Here’s a closer look at how sugar can mess with your body from head to toe.

Your Brain 

Eating sugar gives your brain a huge surge of a feel-good chemical called dopamine, Which explains why you crave Icecream or cake in the middle of the night sometimes. And we don’t get the same feeling from other foods like apples or carrots. 

The bad thing about this is that dopamine demands to stay on a higher level always and because of this we get addicted to sugar. That’s why I said earlier “Anything excess is Poison”

Your Teeth

You must have rolled your eyes and thrown handfuls of a tantrum when mom used to say that candy or chocolate can rot your teeth. Guess she was right, Bacteria that cause cavities love to eat sugar lingering in your mouth after you eat something sweet.

I had stopped eating Candy or sugar for a month after watching that alien in ‘Men In Black’

Affects Your age 

Nobody likes to see themself growing old before their age, be it a man or a woman. Sugar goes to your bloodstream and alters with your chromosomes which are the molecules that hold part or all of your genetic information. Hense you start looking old at a very early age. 

Weight Gain

One teaspoon of sugar contains 15 calories, which can add hundreds of extra calories to your daily calorie intake. Over time, these extra calories can lead to unhealthy weight gain.

Soda Consumption, in particular, plays a major role in the obesity and overweight epidemic.

These kinds of foods don’t supply any proteins or fibre which means they do fill you up and satisfy your hunger.

This makes it more likely that you’ll overeat, increase your overall calories intake and that will lead to weight gain.

Your Heart 

When you eat excess sugar, the extra insulin in your bloodstream can affect your arteries all over your body. In simple words, excess sugar will put stress on your heart. This can lead to heart diseases, like heart failure, heart attack and strokes 

Your heart is most likely affected by sugar in a major way. So do take care of that heart and have less amount of added sugar

Your Skin

Another Side effect of added sugar is, it may make your skin age faster.

Excess sugar attaches to proteins in your bloodstream and creates harmful molecules. Molecules that will make your skin dry and dull in colour. So before you even hit old age your skin might look like it is from old age.

Joints pain

If you are in your 20’s or 30’s and having pain in your joints, then I think I have a piece of bad news for you. Eating lots of sugar has shown that it weakens your joints and pain occurs. There is inflammation they cause in our body and that’s why we feel pain in our joints.

Risk of Type 2 Diabetes 

The Worldwide prevalence of diabetes has more than doubled over the past 30 years.

Though there are many reasons for this, there is a clear link between excessive sugar consumption and diabetes risk. Type 2 diabetes is a medical condition in which sugar or glucose level builds up in your bloodstream

A high sugar diet may lead to obesity and insulin resistance, both of which are risk factors for type 2 diabetes.

Drains Your Energy

Foods with added sugar quickly spike blood sugar and insulin level, leading to an increase in energy. However, this increase in energy is just for sometimes. Because of product that is loaded with sugar but lack of proteins, fibre or fat lead to a brief energy boost followed by a sharp drop in blood sugar, often referred to as sugar crash 

Risk of Kidney Damage 

If you have diabetes, too much sugar can lead to kidney damage. The kidney who plays an important role in filtering your blood. Once blood sugar levels reach a certain amount, the kidney starts to release Excess Sugar into your urine. If left uncontrolled, diabetes can damage the kidneys, which prevents them from doing their job in filtering out waste in your blood. This can lead to kidney failure.

Sugar is sweet but added sugar is bittersweet for your health. Have sugar in different forms like in fruits or vegetables and if you are having added sugar keep a cap on it so that you don’t have an excess of it.

And remember “Anything in excess amount is poison”

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