Discover New Ways to Stay Productive In This Pandemic.

If I would have asked you at the start of this quarantine, “what you will do with all the time you have because of COVID -19 lockdown?” your answers would have been something exciting and something new that you wanted to discover about yourself. But today if I asked you. “What exciting thing you did or what is that new thing you discovered during the whole lockdown period?” There will be no answer from your side. 

We all promised ourselves to optimise this time to become something more than what we are today. But because of our laziness and our procrastination, we had done nothing other than laying around the house and complaining about the virus. You all must have started with something but by the end of the day, you don’t even know when you stopped doing it.

Nowadays because of social media, you don’t even know where your time went past by. It is commonly known as social media’s ‘Rabbit Hole’. Have you ever found yourself watching a random video on Youtube? But the reason you went on Youtube is totally different, that’s what a rabbit hole is. It will take you from place to place around social media and consume your times. That’s just one of the reasons why you are not productive during your free time. 

So coming back to the main question, How can you be Productive in Quarantine? 

6 Remarkables ways to Stay Productive.


Get Good Night Sleep

We Ignore how important it is to get our goodnight sleep. Sleep is essential to working effectively. Without enough sleep, not only do you lose focus and work less efficiently but over time, you could develop serious impairments to your productivity. Beyond decreasing your ability to be present and effective in whatever you are doing, lack of sleep also increases your likelihood of getting sick and you don’t know what is happening to you, especially at this time

Morning Routine 

Get into the morning routines. A morning ritual will set you the tune for the day, it helps you start rolling your day in a good direction. A ritual can be anything like making a cup of tea, doing a few stretches or playing a happy song. Anything that will make you ready to face the rest of the day. And most importantly avoid looking at your phone for the first thing in the morning, take a few minutes to gather your thoughts for the day and then you can gather all the things from around the world. 

Plan Out Your Day

Planning out your day will help you put perspective towards the day and how you should approach that day. Start by making a list of the things that you wanted to get done during the day. Now work towards that list, scratch things from that list one by one. Trust me you will feel good. It will be better if you make that list for a week, the things that you would like to do by the end of the week.

Get a Cold Shower 

Although we love the comfort of a nice long warm shower in the morning, those are better for later in the day around bedtime, as increased body temperature winds the body down in preparation for sleep. A cold shower in the morning, on the other hand, will wake you up and make you feel more alert and focused throughout the day. Cold showers increase the hormones which get released into the brain where it functions as a boost to your energy, alertness and concentration.

Reduce the use of Social Media And News

As I said in the upper part of the article Social media is the rabbit hole that will just consume your time from the day and you will end up feeling worse because you didn’t do anything productive. And it is good to stay informed about the situation and developments of the pandemic. However, overconsumption can lead you to feel depressed and overwhelmed. Don’t compare yourself to others and how they are spending their quarantine time. 

Focus on yourself and the things you want to achieve. Use technology to your favour. 

Don’t Procrastinate

We always have this habit of procrastinating the small things to do it later and that pile-up to one big job for us, which no one likes. So if next time you see your bed undone, make your bed there itself, if it needs a change of bedsheet, do it right there. It is mostly a simple thing that we ignore. No more procrastination, this is the perfect time to get things done!

It’s a hard time for all of us, but this is the time we grow. Take this golden opportunity and learn something new, that will help you to be a better person and something that will help you in your career. New things take time to grow and especially if you are trying to change your habits it will take time. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so if it is a struggle to stay motivated, realize you are not alone.  

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