How women entrepreneurship developed tremendously?

In India, the first female corporate entrepreneur was Kalpana Saroj from Kamani industries. She started working at the age of 16 to support her family.We can come up with hundreds of such exampFrom long ago, the dominant ideology of chauvinism is seen around the globe. In the aspect of education, career, health and social norms, women have been treated inferior to men everywhere.Even in the modern european world, women were not allowed to step out of their dens (as they were supposed to be treated as cattles) and work only as a homemaker.The ladies from the aristocratic society were taught to be docile and timid but not resilient and brave. As Bob Dylan said, The Times They are a Changin, we all saw changes in the time but how women have evolved so far is truly scintillating. Be it developed or a developing country, gender based differences were faced throughout. However, With the rising emphasis on women education and persistent efforts by the government, a massive change in this pattern is visible. Even the revolutionary trait of ladies to come out of their shells and work for the betterment has beaten over biasness.

According to the 2011 data , by the very famous firstpost website, it is clear that 80% of the women population (from age group 7 to 29) is literate. Around 40% of the workforce is by women in almost 80 countries says Pew Research center analysis. But this all becomes customary when we read about the employment of 7.8 million people by women owned businesses worldwide. Women entrepreneurship has always been a taboo in a country like ours because of male chauvinism.Not only that,but rural areas are still to discover this arena where women work away from the residence , hold a position and rule accordingly leaving their kids at home.

les of women who are working exceptionally in the corporate world. Here, let me glorify Vandana Luthra (Founder of VLCC), Kiran Mazumdar Shaw (Founder of Biocon Limited), Ritu Kumar (Fashion Designer), Indira Nooyi(Board Member of Amazon) and many more who are representing the whole nation , individually.

Once Michelle Obama quoted,” As women, we must stand up for ourselves.As women , we must stand up for each other , As women , we must stand up for justice for all”. Clearly, this brought revolution to the whole world. Women worked exclusively with and without any support from their families and reached such sky high levels.

 As humans, we are certain that the time has come where our Boss is a woman, and a woman is always right! 

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