Nothing is as satisfying as a day full of productivity! 

We go off to sleep with a dazzling smile and a well pleased heart when we are active throughout the day.

The beaming sunshine, your high levels of energy and a fixed amount of time , where you do nothing but make the best out of your tasks. Even more amazing would be to just stay at home and do exactly the same. But it’s actually the opposite of that. 

Above all, let’s understand first what it means to work from home?

It is basically defined as the working done by the employee of the company or any organisation staying in his or her residential area or apartment rather than working from the office. From a few months ago, There has been a rapid increase in work from home policy because of our current situation.

 Many of you are pretty exhausted from this state. It’s because some are finding it difficult to work without an atmosphere and others are struggling with the distractions all around.It is totally understandable as the office is basically a place to work and our homes, well they are to relax and spend time with families.

But we cannot hamper our performance just because we aren’t working in our offices. Here are some effective and wondrous ways to stay productive while working from home :-


Fixed sleeping schedule

No office tomorrow doesn’t mean binge watching on that series!

Even if you don’t have a proper time table to work on during the day, make sure you sleep and wake up on the same time daily. It helps in working more efficiently.

Personal hygiene :-

Once you clean up and get ready, all of the laziness goes away. Studies have proved that when you’re dolled up, you work better than you could without your shower. Plus, nothing beats the pleasure of wearing comfy clothes that too while working after the shower.

Appropriate temperature of the surrounding :-

Basically, room temperature was never a part of our discussion  with the idea of productivity. However, maintaining a comfortable atmosphere between 68 and 76F has its own benefits.

Healthy eating :-

Leave that packet of potato chips alone!

To make sure you are at your best even while you are working from home, focus on timely meals and healthier options. Opt for salads rather than carbs for evening munching so that you maintain a healthier body. Why? Because a healthy body leads to an even healthier mind.

Specified working hours :-

So you have updated your daily scrum ? just start working and finish them in your working hours. Don’t leave any single deed left for dinner or midnight cause it restrains the will and determination of work which will lead to sabotaging your performance.

Attractive working area :-

Once you’ve decided your place to work, design it in such a way that it soothes your mind and also inspires you to work. Keep it clean , accessorize it in a more convenient way and viola! 

You are all set to work. 

Ample hydration :-

We often forget that water is the main component for a functioning body. Since you ought to drink numerous cups of coffee while working on your deadline, don’t forget to add hydration in your routine. It regulates the blood flow and keeps the mind active. 

Tune in some White noise :-

 A lot of background noises coming from the other side of the room? Don’t worry. It’s a very common problem while working from home. To make sure you provide undivided attention on the work, white noise is the best to tune into. Put on your earphones and listen to the sounds of waterfalls or chirping birds and get your thoughts at one place. 

Practise mindfulness :-  During any hour of the day, just close your eyes and focus on your breath. It might sound very common but it’s the best way to have a fruitful mind. This is a guaranteed path to productivity. Meditation in any form helps in increasing working regulation and a stress free mind. 

Maintain journals :-

The most underestimated habit of a working person is to keep a track of the day. Since you are working from home, it’s even more important to have a constant check of your professional or personal growth. Habit of journaling is actually a proven way to increase your productivity. This is because you analyse your development better!

These are some ways to add up in your productivity while you are working from home. By stressing too much about your work issues will also put up a negative impact on your life. 

So calm down , create some memories with your people, and have the best from the rest in this lockdown.

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