How is digital marketing different from e- commerce?

We live in a world where online shopping is the widely used aspect in online transactions. 

Most of the people aren’t even aware of the term e -commerce or and Digital marketing which creates the basis of our luxury called virtual shopping. 

To be aware of the latest technology , we should know what things are, how they work and on what basis they differ from each other. This kind of overall knowledge is important if we have to run in this fast forwarding world. No matter in which field you are, the increasing trend of getting things done at a click makes it necessary to be aware of the processes happening all around. 

To be certain of that, here we explain how e-commerce and digital marketing differ from each other. But before we move forward ,we should know what these two terms mean! 

E commerce :The process of buying or selling things over the internet is known as ecommerce.

Digital Marketing : It is the component of marketing that utilizes internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop computers , mobile phones, other digital media and platforms to promote products and services.

As we all know,  the relation between e-commerce and digital marketing is of interdependency as e-commerce falls under the umbrella term of Digital marketing. But if we acknowledge them from a broader perspective, we can see some distinguishing features between them. 

Some key points for reference on this comparison are as follows:


On the basis of objective , we can say they differ because the main motive behind digital marketing is to gather as much traffic as they can on the web page to publicize a commodity and increase the sales. 

Whereas in e commerce , no marketing and advertising is done. Only the processes of selling and buying are carried out.


In regard to informative content, digital marketing is very efficient and it provides maximum information about any scheme or product. It makes sure that the person visiting the website gets the required details and work accordingly without any inconvenience. It also keeps a track of who is visiting the webpage and from which part of the world , the website is searched.  

The case is highly different with Ecommerce because its working does not involve any website tracking or browser location accessing.


When we are supposed to talk about services, web marketing offers information focused solely on the product with timely updates on the website. It helps us compare, analyse and decide stating all the benefits.

While e commerce deals with the processes of banking , transportation, warehouse maintenance and delivery services.



Concluding these points, we can confirm that even on being on the same tree,  E commerce and Digital Marketing differ from each other like two separate branches.

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