Emerging Trends in E-commerce

In 1995, the first item ever was ordered online on Amazon and it was a book. Around 25 years and 2 Decades laters Amazon’s net worth is $160.47 Billion and there is no going back. And this is just one company out of Thousands of other E-commerce websites out there.

Ecommerce has revolutionized retail. It has changed the way people shop, it has evolved to meet the changing needs of people, and made the online shopping easier for modern-day customers. When it started, e-Commerce was fairly limited in its capabilities but now with all the improved integration and other changes have taken the world of e-commerce by storm. And 2020 is here to further transform the world of e-commerce.

Many new technologies and trends are emerging every day, which changes the way people shop. As an e-commerce business owner, if you want to succeed in the retail industry, you have to acquaint yourself with new trends. Before that, you need to understand the difference between Trends and fads.

Ecommerce Trends vs Fads

In this, globally-connected world Fads are always confused with “Trends”. You need to understand that fads start and end like a twitter trend. The life span of these fads is very low. And the genuine trend for online business stays for a longer period of time. You can ignore fads from your business’s point of view. But you can’t afford to ignore the genuine business trend. A business should be able to analyze all fads and business trends carefully.

What are E-commerce Trends?

Trends in e-commerce surface from various things: How customers shop. What they buy and how they respond to marketing strategies applied by businesses. Within the last decade, a lot of new trends have emerged with a profounding influence. E-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, Alibaba have been at the forefront of adopting and benefiting from such trends.

Are you wondering what are the emerging trends in e-commerce that will take your business to the next level? Let’s discuss the latest e-commerce trend that is rising.

These 7 Trends That are Making Their space in E-commerce 


Mobile Commerce 

Mobile commerce is not the new trend but this trend is the most effective e-commerce trend from the start. Mobile commerce has started almost a decade ago and still, it is getting involved and better with technology. 

The entire market runs on mobile in current times. Every consumer is on their tablets and mobile phones. It’s important for brands to hit this market segment. If you don’t have a website that is mobile responsive. Now is the time to make it responsive. People are now more exposed to their mobile device than they are to their computer or laptop.

Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is a new trend that has come into the picture. But businesses are founding it effectively working for an online store and also for the offline store.

Contextual advertising is advertising on a website that is relevant to the page’s content. In which automated systems display ads related to the content of your website. 

In simple terms, it is about luring the right audience to the right ad at the right moment. Compared to the basic retargeting efforts, e-commerce store owners stand a better chance of reaching out to a larger audience by using contextual advertising.

Snap and Shop

A new commerce trend in image shopping is emerging. Users point their camera towards a product they like and the application will read it and order it from an online store. There are many photo apps available like CamFinder, and many more. This trend will also lead to selling an associate product. 

For example, Pinterest has launched its own photo camera. It recognizes and interprets the image to provide an accurate product description.

Automated Chatbox

AI has become advanced in recent years and the website has made the better use of it for interacting with customers through their websites. AI-powered chatbot helps increase user engagement by providing a relevant option to them. The coming year will see chatbot getting cheaper, smarter, and widespread 

For example, Starbucks allows the user to place an order through voice command with ease.

Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing is the new trend that has emerged in this advertising industry. Online influencers are not just D-list celebrities. They have a real audience. A tangible influence. Believe it or not, 70% of new-age millennials customers are influenced by their recommendations. 

Influencer marketing is still underpriced. Find a relevant influencer in your niche on different social media platforms. By doing this you can increase your e-commerce sales sharply. Just be wise enough to invest responsibly.

ROPO is Rising 

ROPO means Research online purchase offline. It has been noticed that customers research their product online and after that, they go to the store to buy that product to get a better deal on that product.

Websites use this to their advantage. They scan your IP address and show you the result of a nearby store so that the customer goes to that specific store and gets the deal which he has seen online Additionally, you can also measure a customer’s shopping history and their social interactions.

Final Words

Remember not every trend will suit your business. There are many trends out there that will be better for you. Make sure you’ve picked the right one before you invest money. It needs to match your brand tone, image, and goals. It also needs to be engaging for customers to enjoy.

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